Ebene News – CA – John Mulaney signed up for drug rehab

According to Page Six, Mulaney showed up at the facility over the weekend after battling alcoholism and cocaine during quarantine A source told the outlet that her friends and family were happy that he “finally gets help and focuses on his health”

“His fans know he has struggled in the past with sobriety; he spoke about it openly, “said the source” Unfortunately he struggled again during the pandemic He is okay with his recovery, he is not fighting rehabilitation “

Mulaney recently opened up about her addiction story in an interview with Esquire last year.The magazine reports that Mulaney started drinking at age 13 and “spent all of her teens and early 20s as than drug addict, getting out of hand”From profile:

I was really outgoing, then at twelve I wasn’t I didn’t know how to act And then I was drinking, and I was hilarious again “Medication soon followed” I never liked smoking pot Then I tried cocaine and loved it I wasn’t a good athlete so maybe he was a young man from It’s the physical feat I can do Three Vicodins and a tequila and I’m still standing Who’s the athlete now? “

Mulaney decided to quit drinking and using drugs at 23, when he realized he didn’t like who he was when he was using substances At the time he was able to “rock a switch “to get sober, according to Esquire

This time, it looks like Mulaney needs a little more help, which makes perfect sense – the pandemic has been a difficult time for those recovering, and the isolation and stress of life in quarantine facilitated relapse I’m glad Mulaney is getting the help he needs!

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Ebene News – California – John Mulaney signed up for drug rehab

Source: https://jezebel.com/john-mulaney-has-checked-into-rehab-after-struggling-wi-1845930950