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Campbell returns to Maple Leafs camp against Jets

Hutchinson starts as Campbell’s injury remains a problem for the Leafs

The Oilers season was the story of two teams

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By Mark Masters

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“It’s kind of a daily thing,” said head coach Sheldon Keefe “He’s made good progress It seems like when he has time to recover from his last games he has bounced back and smells good, but it’s something we have to deal with”

Campbell injured his leg on January 24 in Calgary and the problem has been around since

“We have to be responsible with him as a staff and be smart about it He has to be honest and tell us exactly how he is feeling so that we can make the right decisions, “Keefe said

Campbell made the injury worse when he returned to the roster on February 27 and was forced to return to the sideline for three weeks

“It takes a lot of character to go through something like this,” defenseman Zach Bogosian said. “He’s an integral part of our team. His personality is great He’s great in the locker room and he’s a hell of a goalie too. We’re confident with him there and he’s really stuck with that. not what’s going on behind the scenes It’s pretty easy to tune in at 7 p.m. and see each other, but there’s a lot going on behind the scenes and Soupy worked so hard in the gym to try to fight Obviously when he came back to play for us he played extremely well so it was great to see “

Campbell is 6-0-0 this season with a 945% savings, but has yet to face the Jets

Frederik Andersen is still in Toronto where he has a follow-up appointment Thursday to examine his lower body injury Keefe said the hope was that the meeting will offer more information on the matter, which will has been off the ice since March 19

The Leafs have a busy schedule this week with another game in Winnipeg on Friday before a back-to-back game Sunday and Monday in Calgary Toronto gave up the last three games that third player Michael Hutchinson started

Frederik Andersen is back in Toronto for a follow-up appointment to examine his lower body injury Tonight, Jack Campbell will depart for Toronto after taking the final game to rest from his ailments The attitude Campbell’s positive recovery brought a smile to his Leafs teammates

Alex Galchenyuk to look into power play tonight as Leafs look to break out of men’s advantage crisis

“He’s had a few changes here and there, but he’s looking for something a little more solidified here tonight,” Keefe confirmed

Toronto has converted on just one of 23 chances in the last 11 games Despite the lack of goals, Keefe insists he enjoys the process of the end very much and feels the squad is about to burst

A problem is the lack of opportunities In the last 11 games, Toronto has been limited on two or fewer occasions on seven occasions

The Leafs, with new assistant coach Manny Malhotra overseeing the power play, didn’t hesitate to experiment with new looks In today’s morning practice, a unit getting reps included Morgan Rielly at the top, William Nylander and Auston Matthews on the flanks with John Tavares in the middle and Mitch Marner at the bottom

“We like the ability to mix things up and move things around a bit and distribute the minutes appropriately,” Keefe said. “For the most part this season we’ve had a two-unit look, try to ” getting some competitiveness this way with one unit pushing the other, as well as just making players play with greater urgency and energy through power plays”

Despite the recent drought, the Leafs still have the NHL’s best power play on the road, clicking 341 percent

In an effort to try to trigger a 0-for-10 power-play advantage over the past four games, Sheldon Keefe says Alex Galchenyuk will see the extra man tonight as Toronto head coach tries to juggle with the combinations to create some internal competition

The Jets are finally back home after playing the last seven on the road The 12-day trip took its toll on the group

“The boys are feeling it a little bit right now,” admitted Andrew Copp this morning. “The time zone change and late games in Calgary, then skating earlier today [at 10 a.m. CT because of the 6:30 pm local start], I think everyone was a little slow moving around in the locker rooms and warming up It got better as we went along, thank you my God Skateboarding brings you back, a kind of sweat brings you back to neutrality a bit, so we’ll be good to go tonight “

Considering the fatigue factor, coach Paul Maurice was unsure of the size of the advantage of the last change in tonight’s proceedings

“I’m not as married to the game right now and a lot of that has to do with our schedule,” the coach said “It is more important that everyone is equalized that I get a specific game any night”

This is the fifth meeting between the Leafs and the Jets this season, but the first in Winnipeg The Jets won two of three games against the Leafs in Toronto earlier this month

“In the Toronto set we played I didn’t feel there was a bunch of times on the bench where I got stuck in something I didn’t want,” said Maurice “They are more than comfortable [with] their so called third row and with the veterans they have on their fourth row, they will play those rows against your best. Throw-offs in zone D, that doesn’t worry them.So that would be true for us too, okay, so there isn’t the impulse of one or the other coach to say: “ I can’t win this match ”, or “ I have a much better chance of winning this match if I get this tough match ‘”

Keefe called the Jets “the deepest opponent we face in our division in terms of front lines.”

Preparing for a decisive two-game set against the Maple Leafs, the Jets say they will need to focus on puck control and limit Toronto’s offensive opportunities in the slot, keeping their shots coming in from the outside

If the first two rows with Matthews, Tavares, Mark Scheifele and Pierre-Luc Dubois end up fighting for a draw, then the last six can decide things

“The depth of our forward group is a strength for us, and we have to use it,” said Jason Spezza “We have to be reliable, and they approach things the same way, so it makes for a good game and everyone is used and needs the 12 guys up front”

As Maurice noted, Toronto’s fourth row currently includes Spezza, 37, and Joe Thornton, 41, lining up alongside Alex Kerfoot

“We looked great as a line” said Spezza “We did some good things We have to take a few more chances but other than that we are starting to build some chemistry”

Wayne Simmonds is one of Toronto’s long-distance players looking to get on the right track He has recorded just one assist and six shots in five games since returning from a broken wrist

“I have a few bad words for myself,” said the gritty winger after Monday’s overtime loss to the Oilers “I don’t think I was good at all I need to do more I think I was a bit in my head, but I will understand I need to start contributing again”

Simmonds, who missed six weeks with injury, started Saturday’s game on the second row before being sent back to unit with Ilya Mikheyev and Pierre Engvall

“I don’t think too much,” Simmonds said of the problem right now “When you play your best hockey you have fun and you are a little carefree I have to start having fun”

Wayne Simmonds is not happy with the way he has played since returning from a six week absence “I have a few bad words to myself I don’t think I was good at all” , said the winger after Monday’s loss Simmonds has only had one assist in five games since returning from a broken wrist “I think too much I have to start having fun”

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