Ebene News – CA – Maximize your winter fun with the new Ski-Doo model line that focuses on exceptional handling, power and agility

VALCOURT, QC, February 17, 2021 / PRNewswire / – BRP (TSX: DOO) (NASDAQ: DOOO) designs its Ski-Doo snowmobiles to deliver experiences that defy expectations – continually driving innovation to enhance the driving experience This continues for the 2022 model line-up, which includes the introduction of Smart-Shox, an industry-first semi-active suspension system1 for new levels of handling and comfort, as well as only two new Rotax 4-stroke turbo engine options, one of which is the most powerful ever offered in a Ski-Doo

“Snowmobile popularity is on the rise as an influx of motorcyclists – from beginners to seasoned experts – seek to maximize winter fun,” said Annick Lauzon, Director of Global Marketing at Ski-Doo at BRP “The fun of riding a Ski-Doo is undeniable, and our 2022 lineup continues to provide the best possible on-snow experience for riders of all skill levels.”

Exceptional handling, more power New for 2022, Ski-Doo introduces Smart-Shox, the industry’s first semi-active suspension, on select models The technology represents a leap forward with automatic adjustments for rebound and compression, providing optimum handling in all conditions With three riding modes to choose from – Comfort, Sport and Sport – motorcyclists can quickly and easily change the behavior of the snowmobile on the fly, thus maximizing riding time and eliminating hassle manual settings

And trail riders get an expanded choice of Rotax 4-stroke engines with the introduction of the 900 ACE Turbo R, the most powerful Ski-Doo engine ever produced at 180 hp, and a new 900 ACE power pack. Turbo that produces 130 hp Drivers can now choose from reliable and fuel-efficient ACE 4-stroke engines available in 62, 95, 130 and 180 hp to suit their needs

“Ski-Doo continues to be a leader in handling and power,” said Pascal Vincent, Director of Global Product Strategy, Snowmobiles “Smart-Shox is amazing It’s proven technology with our Can-Am Off-Road brand, and I had the chance to test it in the snow It’s a real game changer for comfort and handling You have to experience it to see what it is ‘act! “

A Legend Returns To help you showcase its renowned handling and power, Ski-Doo is bringing back its legendary Mach Z muscle sled for limited racing in 2022 The all-new Mach Z redefines what a snowmobile should be muscle and what it can do It’s built for speed, including the all-new 180 hp engine, along with an industry-exclusive 2 ‘launch mode’ 2 that will put drivers in a smile from ear to ear. the other by crushing the accelerator The Mach Z also features the latest technology, including Smart-Shox and a large digital screen so runners can hit the trails every day without a second thought

Improved Agility And for advanced riders who like to play in deep powder, the Ski-Doo Summit X with Expert Pack now features a narrower adjustable ski stance (34-36 inches), making it even more agile on terrain. cramped techniques Runners will appreciate the agile handling it offers, allowing them endless fun in powder

For more information on the entire Ski-Doo 2022 model line-up, including vehicle specifications and technical information, visit wwwSki-Doocom

About BRP We are a global leader in powersports vehicles, propulsion systems and boats, built on over 75 years of ingenuity and intensive consumer focus Our portfolio of distinctive and industry-leading products include Ski-Doo and Lynx snowmobiles, Sea-Doo watercraft, Can-Am on and off-road vehicles, Alumacraft, Manitou, Quintrex, Stacer and Savage boats, Evinrude and Rotax marine propulsion as well as Rotax engines for karts, motorcycles and pleasure planes We complement our product lines with a business dedicated to parts, accessories and clothing to fully improve the driving experience

With annual sales of CA $ 6 billion people from over 120 countries, our global workforce is made up of approximately 12,600 motivated and resourceful people

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(Bloomberg) – Keith Gill, one of the most influential voices to push GameStop on the WallStreetBets Reddit forum, has been hit with a lawsuit that accused him of falsely portraying himself as an amateur investor and Profit by Artificially Inflating the Price of StockThe proposed class action lawsuit against Gill, who adopted the online nickname “Roaring Kitty,” was filed in Massachusetts federal court on Tuesday The lawsuit said Gill was in fact a licensed securities professional who was manipulating the market for a profit Gill touted GameStop shares through extensive social media presence on Youtube, Twitter and Reddit “The Deceptive and Manipulative Conduct de Gill not only violated many industry regulations and rules, but also various securities laws by undermining the integrity of the GameStop stock market, “lawsuit says “It caused huge losses not only to those who bought options contracts, but also to those who succumbed to Gill’s act and bought GameStop shares during the market frenzy at heavily inflated prices.“The lawsuit said Gill, who has been written extensively by Bloomberg, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and others, was far from an amateur headlines picker. Rather, he is a chartered financial analyst who holds multiple broker licenses and was previously employed by Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Co.The lawsuit also named Mass Mutual and a brokerage affiliate of the company as defendants, claiming they had an obligation to overseeing Gill’s market activities”In order to motivate amateur traders, Gill has shaped himself as a sort of Robin Hood and called the securities professionals bad guys,” the lawsuit said. “Gill, however, is no hobbyist For many years he worked actively as a professional in the investment and financial sectors.” The potential applicant representing the investors in the case, Christian Iovin of Washington State sold for $ 200,000 call options on GameStop stock when the stock was below $ 100 The action quickly eclipsed $ 400 a share, forcing him to buy back the high-priced calls (Updates with complaint details and background) For more articles like this, please visit us at bloombergSubscribe now to stay ahead with the most trusted source of business news © 2021 Bloomberg LP

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Today we take a look at two small-cap biotech companies whose stocks have hit a rut Each company has experienced a recent clinical setback that caused the stock price to fall, erasing previous gains and sending it back to low levels Setbacks like this are not uncommon in the biotech industry and highlight the risk and speculative nature of the industry So what should investors do when a stock crashes? Is it a question of bad fundamentals? And has the share price still bottomed out? This is where the Wall Street pros come in Noting that each is set to start again on an upward trajectory, some 5-star analysts see an attractive entry point for both Using TipRanks’ database, we discovered that these two tickers have obtained moderate to strong buy consensus ratings from the analyst community and have strong upside potential Cortexyme, Inc (CRTX) The first shot down name we’re looking for is Cortexyme, a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company focused on degenerative diseases, specifically Alzheimer’s disease. The company’s lead candidate is COR388, also known as atuzaginstat Atuzaginstat is currently being investigated as part of the GAIN trial, a study of its effectiveness against Alzheimer’s disease The trial is fully recruited, with 643 patients, and the company is moving towards an open-label enrollment (OLE) section of the phase 2/3 study In a routine regulatory update, Cortexyme announced that the OLE phase will be discontinued , although the primary GAIN study is ongoing, with results to be released in Q4 2021 The announcement of the partial discontinuation caused a 35% decrease in the course of action The partial suspension was caused by adverse events in the liver during the atuzaginstat trial The hepatic symptoms were reversible and were not shown no long-term lasting effects The FDA reviewed these files and, in collaboration with Cortexyme, the decision was made to hold the OLE while pursuing GAIN This decision allows the main focus of the program to continue, while developing a new protocol for OLE The aim of the OLE is to test the long-term efficacy and tolerability of the drug In a review of Cortexyme after the announcement, HC Wainwright 5-star analyst Andrew Fein, noted: “Cortexyme’s announcement of a partial clinical suspension of the OLE study of atuzaginstat is disappointing, but the reversible nature of the liver toxicity may provide a silver lining for Cortexyme. We believe that further the pivotal test suggested era that the drug-induced liver injury might not be severe enough to interrupt the program “As for the short term, adds Fein,” The continuation of the GAIN trial is encouraging despite the partial maintenance of OLE. suggests FDA plans to wait for additional pivotal trial data before reaching a conclusion Management shared that nearly one-third of GAIN patients had completed the study and exceeded the 12-week deadline, suggesting they are out of risk. “To this end, Fein is evaluating CRTX a Buy, and its goal price of $ 76 indicates confidence in 147% growth potential (To see Fein’s track record, click here) Overall, Cortexyme has an analyst consensus moderate buy rating, with 6 recent reviews ranging from 4 to 1 to 1, buy-hold-sell stock is $ 83 60 The average price target suggests that Wall Street sees high potential, in the range of ~ 170% upward from the $ 30 trading price 74 (See CRTX stock market analysis on TipRanks) Immunovant ( IMVT) Next is Immunovant, a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical research company focused on developing treatments for patients with autoimmune diseases, a class of diseases in which the immune system attacks the patient’s own body The leading drug candidate company, IMVT-1401, is currently in trials for the treatment of thyroid eye disease, myasthenia gravis and warm autoimmune hemolytic anemia The drug described as “a new monoclonal antibody fully human anti-FcRn, ”given by subcutaneous injection On February 2, Immunovant’s action plunged by 42%, and it has been declining since The trigger was an announcement by the company that IMVT- 1401 saw its Phase 2b clinical trial for thyroid disease suspended temporarily due to patients experiencing dangerous increases in their LDL levels LDL is the potentially harmful form of cholesterol, which has been linked to cardiovascular disease Despite the clinical setback, 5-star Stiffel analyst Derek Archila reiterated a buy rating on IMVT stocks, along with a price target $ 28 This figure suggests a potential for an increase of 52% from current levels (To view Archila’s history, click here) “Interestingly, increases were only seen in PDD patients, and our review literature suggests a few things: (1) it is likely that this is specific to TED given the biology – see below for details, but we do not believe that similar increases in LDL will be seen in others indications outside TED; and (2) other anti-thyroid therapies used in Graves / TED also see similar increases in LDL, which end up being transient We believe that IMVT-1401, on the inside, mimics this mechanism, ”noted the analyst Archila summed up: “We’ll need more data from the company to confirm we don’t think this program is dead.” Overall, Strong Buy analysts’ consensus view on IMVT suggests that Wall Street is generally dead. ‘agrees with Archila’s assessment This rating is taken from 8 recent reviews, including 7 purchases and only one wait.The average price target here is $ 4038, which implies a ~ 121% rise for the next 12 months (See IMVT market analysis on TipRanks) To get great ideas for stocks traded at attractive valuations, visit Best Stocks to Buy from TipRanks, a newly launched tool that brings together all information about TipRanks stocks Disclaimer: Opinions expressed in this article are only those Featured Analysts Content is intended to be used for informational purposes only. It is very important to do your own analysis before making any investment

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(Bloomberg) – QuantumScape Corp, an electric vehicle battery start-up, climbed 12% late in the session after saying it cleared a key hurdle in the development of its technology The company, which is trying to creating solid-state lithium-metal batteries for electric vehicles, said it was able to produce multi-layered battery cells, a critical stumbling block in taking technology from the lab to the real world“While there is still a lot of work to be done and we may encounter new challenges as we increase our number of diapers, this is an extremely important result, and we are delighted to have it so. early in the year, ”said Jagdeep, Managing Director Singh said in a letter to investors that was part of the company’s first quarterly financial report The company is one of several startups and incumbents trying to develop solid-state batteries, an innovation that promises to dramatically accelerate l adoption of EVs by offering automakers a safer and cheaper alternative to current lithium-ion batteriesTo become commercially viable, the company faces three main issues It needs to build larger, multi-layered batteries, compared to what it tests in a controlled lab The current version only has four layers and the company can need a dozen in the commercial versionHe also needs to develop a reliable manufacturing line for some critical components, such as ceramic separators.Finally, he needs to put all of those parts in a factory where he can spread billions of dollars in equipment and machinery costs over big production volumesShares of San Jose, California-based QuantumScape, which began trading on Nov. 27 after its merger with blank check firm, Kensington Capital Acquisition Corp, jumped as high as $ 56.70 in Tuesday’s after-close trading session. Being able to build multi-layered battery cells that essentially function as single-layered cells can cut the time it takes to get QuantumScape’s batteries into mainstream vehicles by months, Singh said in an interview. the confidence to build a small pilot plant in San Jose that will produce technical samples for automakers to install “hundreds of test cars” by 2023, CEO said QuantumScape intends to use these samples to woo customers beyond its largest shareholder, Volkswagen AG, Singh said on a call following the release of quarterly results.”Now we have the capacity to make cells before the JV offers VW,” he said in an interview. “This is new, it was not part of the plan before” Volkswagen has committed to using QuantumScape’s battery technology in its electric vehicles through a joint venture – if enough batteries can be produced and at competitive prices QuantumScape estimates that it will cost $ 1.6 billion to build this battery plant, a 50-50 venture with Volkswagen that is expected to start producing cells in 2024 The company closed the fourth quarter with more than $ 1 billion in cash and cash equivalents This year’s expenses include capital spending and operating costs of $ 230 million to $ 290 million, the company said However, with the additional financing from Volkswagen and the alleged exercise of warrants, QuantumScape plans to head to 2022 with more than $ 900 million.(Updates with details of developments in seventh paragraph) For more articles like this please visit us at bloomberg Subscribe now to stay ahead with the most trusted source of business news © 2021 Bloomberg LP

Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ: MSFT) co-founder Bill Gates praised Tesla Inc (NASDAQ: TSLA) and CEO Elon Musk for contributions on climate change mitigation in a New York podcast Times Co (NYSE: NYT) this week What Happened: “Well, it’s important to say that what Elon did with Tesla is one of the greatest contributions to climate change anyone has ever made. The billionaire-philanthropist said on NYT opinion writer Kara Swisher’s bimonthly podcast “Sway” “Underestimating Elon is not a good idea,” Gates added Why it matters: Microsoft co-founder comments follow Musk’s appearance on Joe Rogan’s podcast where he expressed belief that Gates was short on Tesla stock, Electrek reported. “I’ve also heard that ‘at one point he had a significant short position I don’t know if that’s true or not, but this sounds strange, ”Musk said“ People I know who know the situation pretty well, I asked ‘are you sure?’ and they said ‘yes he has a huge short position in Tesla’ It didn’t work out very well “See also: How to Buy Microsoft Stock Last year Gates said electric trucks would never be a” practical solution “for transporting heavy loads over great distances Musk dismissed Gates’ knowledge of electric vehicles and said that” he has no idea “On an earlier occasion, Musk had expressed his displeasure with the ‘Gates’ purchase of a Porsche Taycan and had called conversations with the former Microsoft executive “disappointing” Price action: Tesla shares closed nearly 24% lower at $ 796 on Tuesday 22 and fell 06% in the after-hours session On the same day Microsoft shares closed nearly 05% lower at $ 24370 and declined 018% in the after-hours session Click here to check out Benzinga’s EV hub for the latest vehicle news electric Ph oto courtesy: UK Department for International Development via Flickr See more from BenzingaClick here for Benzinga options tradesElon Musk’s SpaceX gets 60% higher valuation in last funding round at B: ReportWhy Apple is getting more serious in the manufacture of cars? Smartphone “ transport ” dwarf market, according to Munster © 2021 Benzingacom Benzinga does not provide investment advice All rights reserved

Shares of Chinese autonomous flying vehicle company Ehang (EH) rebounded more than 40% on Wednesday after responding to a shortselling report that caused the stock to fall around 60% yesterday

Palantir stock fell as 2021 revenue forecast slightly below expectations Palantir stock also faces a test on Thursday when its lock-in period expires on Thursday. IPO

Comstock Mining Inc is the stock of the day on Wednesday, as it has exploded more than four times on high volume to beat all of the pre-market winners The mineral development and production company announced deals in which it has secured rights for up to 64% stake in Linico Corp, which is a lithium-ion battery recycling company (LIB) Comstock will pay $ 4.5 million in cash and 30 million shares of its restricted common stock , which represents a total consideration of $ 10.75 billion Comstock shares soared 3,076% and a trading volume of 130 million shares was already above the full-day average in the past 30 Last Days Over 127 Million Shares Linico recently acquired a Nevada battery metal recycling facility from Aqua Metals Inc, and Aqua Metals is investing $ 2 million for a 10% stake in Linico “No We see used lithium-ion batteries as a powerful industrial mineral and, like any resource, we need the right team, technology and infrastructure to extract and process them, ”said Corrado De Gasperis, CEO of Comstock “This transaction brings the three together into an ecosystem of aligned partners, operating systemically on a common goal” The latest available data showed Comstock’s short interest was only 02% of the public float The stock rallied 1206% in the last three months through Tuesday, while the S&P 500 has gained 90%

(Bloomberg) – On January 28, the day after GameStop Corp the mania reached its crescendo following a short press on the record books, around $ 359 million in stocks were caught in limboMore of 1 million shares were considered undeliverable that day due to either buyers lacking cash to make purchases or sellers not having the shares to settle trades, according to US Data from The Securities and Exchange Commission The SEC report, which covers trading from Jan. 15 through the end of the month, is just one more indication of the video game retailer’s stock market dislocation. GameStop, for months among the top-selling on the New York Stock Exchange, jumped more than 1,700% from Jan.1 to Jan.27 as legion of Reddit users cram in, forcing bearish traders to retreat. scramble to get stocks and brokers to p make the measure to curb trading highly unusualWhile the SEC listing highlights the extent of the short-term squeeze, on Reddit’s WallStreetBets forum, where GameStop trading has been galvanized, this is evidence of some something else: the unproven theory that hedge funds were engaged in naked short selling of stocks Short selling – when an investor borrows stocks, sells them, then tries to buy them back at a lower price to profit difference – are a daily market event Naked short selling, the illegal practice of selling stocks that is not known to exist, is only one of the possible causes of failure to deliver, more everyday reasons being human error and administrative delays “Delivery failures can occur for a number of reasons on long and short sales,” reads a disclaimer on the W site eb SEC “Therefore, delivery failures are not necessarily the result of a short sale and are not evidence of an abusive short sale or a ‘naked’ short sale” on delivery can lead to fines, losses and reputational damage and in rare cases they can also lead to reduced market liquidityOne thing is clear: The Grapevine, Texas-based company is an anomaly in the data ranked by the dollar value of shares traded that could not be delivered – an amount that was influenced by the surge in the GameStop stock price – it was the only company to feature in the top 10 multiple times during the period And it was only one of two companies, the other being Li Auto Inc, to make it to the top from a list dominated by exchange-traded funds Data, which is released twice a month, tracks stocks with at least 10,000 stocks that have not been delivered daily The total number of actions for each day is a “cumulative number of all failures in progress to date, plus new failures that occur that day, minus failures that settle that day,” According to the SEC website, about 21 million GameStop shares were not delivered on January 26 before falling to 138,179 on January 29, the day after Robinhood and other brokerages began restricting trading in so called shares memeFor more articles like this, please visit us at BloombergSubscribe now to stay ahead with the most trusted source of business news © 2021 Bloomberg LP

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Ebene News – CA – Maximize your winter fun with the new range of Ski-Doo models which Focuses on awesome handling, power and agility

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