Ebene News – CA – MCU Phase 4 Should Finally Tell Captain America’s Most Important Nomad Story

The Falcon & The Winter Soldier should be inspired by a very important story of Captain America – in which Steve Rogers became Nomad!

The Falcon & The Winter Soldier should take inspiration from Captain America Nomad’s forgotten storyline The comics have always had a political edge and, therefore, superhero adaptations – be it movies or TV shows – often have political themes The most obvious political imagery in the MCU to date was in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, which dealt heavily with excessive government surveillance shortly after Edward Snowden leaked information about the surveillance programs of the NSA

But all signs point to The Falcon & The Winter Soldier is the MCU’s most political story to date In thematic terms, it’s an exploration of patriotism, using different versions of Captain America in order to re-enact question the nature of American identity At least two different incarnations of Captain America will appear, representing different ideas of what it means to be American, and the country’s racial prejudice history is expected to be confronted through Falcon’s discovery of Isaiah Bradley, the first Black Captain America in comics

Marvel should take the opportunity to tell a classic comic book story, in which Steve Rogers gave up the identity of Captain America to become Nomad Writer Steve Englehart believed that a patriotic character like Captain America should represent the uproar politics that followed Watergate into the real world, and so he wrote his own version, Rogers uncovering a conspiracy that went all the way to President Shaken by this discovery, Steve Rogers gave up the name of Captain America, believing he no longer knew what America really stood for. He became a nomad and wandered around America, seeking an answer to this difficult question

Marvel has taken inspiration from this idea before; when Steve Rogers left his shield with Tony Stark in Captain America: Civil War, he was meant to have become a version of Nomad.But, in truth, Marvel was never particularly interested in exploring in detail this period of time. history of the MCU; Captain America’s years on the run have been overlooked This would be an opportunity to do Nomad’s story justice

In The Falcon & The Winter Soldier, Sam Wilson’s confidence in American identity – and even in the role of Captain America – might be shaken by his knowledge of Isaiah Bradley In the comics, Bradley was the one of 300 black soldiers subjected to super-soldier experiments during WWII, in a plot inspired by the infamous Tuskegee experiments Bradley was one of the few who survived these experiences, but the military never celebrated these super soldiers because they were black. Bradley briefly claimed the role of Captain America for himself, and was court-martialed and jailed for it as an act of treason. The recent Falcon & Winter Soldier trailer hinted at this, with a line of dialogue in which Sam told Bucky that the legacy of the Captain America shield is “complicated”

A Nomad arc would fit in perfectly with the themes of American self-identity that clearly seems to be at the center of The Falcon & The Winter Soldier It would add extra thematic depth to the story, as Sam Wilson wondered about himself. he really wanted to be the next Captain America Steve Rogers may have chosen him as his successor in Avengers: Endgame, but it will be Sam’s own choice whether or not to accept this shield

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Ebene News – CA – MCU Phase 4 Should Finally Tell Captain America’s Most Important Nomad Tale

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