Ebene News – CA – Meet Kim Jong-Un’s Mysterious Female Cheeleader with 17 & Secret Kids Palaces

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SHE is married to one of the most powerful men in the world, with a fortune of £ 4 billion and a wardrobe of designer clothes

But Kim Jong-Un’s wife Ri Sol Ju remains one of the world’s most mysterious figures, with every detail of her private life shrouded in secrecy

This week, the former cheerleader appeared in public for the first time in over a year, joining the North Korean frontman in a concert to mark the day of the Shining Star, a important public holiday in North Korea

She was photographed sitting next to her husband, smiling and clapping, amidst a huge crowd at a theater in Pyongyang

But her prolonged absence – the latest in a long series – has sparked speculation about pregnancy, illness or breaking up with her dictator husband

As the wife of the Supreme Leader, Ri, who is said to be in her thirties, leads a lavish life with the finest champagne, luxury palaces and private jets

But she must also turn a blind eye to her excesses – including a harem of virgins known as the Pleasure Squad

Here we take a look at the secret but lavish life of Ri Sol Ju – the only woman brave enough to criticize the North Korean dictator in public

Ri’s education in the northeastern city of Chonglin is shrouded in mystery, and analysts believe his name is actually a pseudonym

Even her year of birth is unknown – between 1985 and 1989 – and her gynecologist mother and her teacher father are described as “ordinary”, although better off than most, according to the South Korean spy agency

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She was one of 90 cheerleaders who represented their country at an athletics championship in South Korea in 2005 chanting “We are one!” in a call for the unification of the two

She reportedly told a South Korean teacher: “We want to follow the lessons of the teachers from the South after being reunited as soon as possible”

She has also reportedly been a singer in the popular Unhasu Orchestra, but since her marriage to Kim, North Korean officials “have been trying to erase her past as a singer and artist by confiscating popular bootleg CDs of her performances.” according to a South Korean commentator

Although they tied the knot in 2009, Ri was not disclosed publicly as Kim Jong-Un’s wife until 2012

The couple have three children – a son born in 2010 and a daughter in 2013 as well as a third in 2017, whose gender has not been revealed

The children have been kept out of the public spotlight and have never been officially named, although Kim’s friend, basketball legend Dennis Rodman, told The Guardian their daughter was called Ju-Ae

Celebrated as the “respected First Lady” – the only wife to have won the title since 1974 – Ri Sol Ju is somewhat of a contradiction

She is a pioneering first lady who is trusted to lead diplomatic missions without her husband, but who frequently disappears from the public eye for months without explanation

Unlike the wives of previous executives, she has accompanied her husband to more than 100 public events since his marriage in 2012, according to NK Pro media

When Kim Jong-Un crossed the heavily armed border on April 27, 2018 to meet with South Korean President Moon Jae-in, Ri was by his side

A few months later, she gave South Korean First Lady Kim Jung-sook a visit to a children’s hospital and a music university

In the same year, she met a Chinese delegation in the country without her husband, which seemed to indicate a larger role in the government

However, his public life is punctuated by extended absences – disappearing for nine months in 2016, four months in 2017 and 2019 – before the last period of more than a year

Although state media never mentions these mysterious absences, they spark rumors of pregnancy or illness, with some speculating that she is being punished for going over the bar in a row with Kim

But, as the brutal dictator cracks down on issues that criticize his leadership, Ri is the only person who dares point out his flaws

During a dinner with a South Korean delegation in 2018, Kim was asked: “Why not quit smoking? It’s bad for your health”

Knowing that the chef’s criticism was considered blasphemy, North Koreans at the table reportedly froze in fear

But his wife would have been amused and replied: “I always ask him to quit smoking, but he will not listen to me”

With a flair for fashion, Ri is known to favor designer labels and is often seen in Chanel suits, which sell for around £ 8,000, at public events

Kenji Fujimoto, Kim Jong-il’s former personal sushi chef, met Ri on in 2012 and as a farewell gift she gave him one of her own Christian Dior handbags

Her husband also has a penchant for high-end fashion – his collection of wristwatches alone is worth over £ 6million

But not all her creator’s purchases are gifts for his gorgeous wife – and there are a lot of Kim’s hobbies she needs to close her eyes to

In 2016 alone, he spent £ 7m on fancy lingerie – including racy corsets and suspenders – imported from China

But they were thought to belong to the infamous “Pleasure Squad” or Chief’s Gippeumjo – over 2,000 women who are medically certified virgins before being chosen to entertain Kim and other high officials, mostly by gender

Kim is said to own 17 palaces around North Korea, including one with its own 500m airstrip in Wonsan

The nuclear-proof palace is protected by several military units with a high-voltage electric fence and even minefields

It even has its own train station below and tunnels connecting it to some of its other properties

Kim also has his own private party island, where he escapes to drink cocktails and expensive tequila in the sun with 50 or 60 at a time

Dennis Rodman, who spent a week there with the dictator and his wife in 2013, said: “Kim’s Island is amazing It’s like going to Hawaii or Ibiza – but he’s the only one to live there

“If you drink a bottle of tequila, it’s the best tequila. All you want, it’s the best”

The couple also own a 95-foot luxury yacht, which Rodman describes as “a cross between a ferry and a Disney boat”

Thought to be a British-designed Princess 95MY valued at around $ 7 million, she has cabins, a wide deck and a dining area that seats up to ten

The couple share a love of horseback riding, often roaming snow-capped mountains together with their thoroughbreds

Kim spent at least £ 420,000 on 138 purebred horses between 2010 and 2019, according to Russian customs data

As Kim Jong-Un lavishes gifts on his harem and his wife, Ri occupies a unique position in North Korean history

Kim’s grandfather and father had the children of several women and kept their wives safe from public glare, but the beautiful and elegant Ri is now part of the charm offensive of her husband

Originally known as ‘Comrade’, she was elevated to ‘Respected First Lady’ in 2018 and is popular with North Koreans, who appreciate her image as a ‘caring mother’

After a year of rumors, her reappearance this week was meant to reassure loyal subjects that North Korea’s number one lady is alive and well

Parents of 7-year-old girl who died at school suing £ 200,000 for watching her die

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Ebene News – CA – Meet Kim Jong -A mysterious female cheeleader with 17 & palaces secret children

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