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New documents unearthed in connection with the Apple vs. Epic Legal Battle offer interesting details about the history of Facebook and Apple’s relationship The documents, revealed by Epic Games and spotted for the first time by CNBC, show that the relationship between Apple and Facebook has been strained since 2011

At that time, Facebook had yet to release a dedicated app for the iPad, which debuted in 2010 Apple’s Scott Forstall, then the company’s software manager, sent an email to Phil Schiller and Steve Jobs regarding a meeting he had with Mark Zuckerberg regarding the integration of Facebook on the iPad

At the heart of Facebook’s concerns was that Apple would not allow the Facebook iPad app to include “built-in apps” Forstall wrote:

I just chatted with Mark about how they shouldn’t include apps that are built into Facebook’s iPad app, or into an embedded web view, or as a directory of links that would redirect to Safari

Unsurprisingly, he wasn’t happy with this, as he considers these apps to be part of “the whole Facebook experience” and isn’t sure whether they should create an iPad app without them. Safari, so it is reluctant to push people to a native app with less functionality, even though the native app is better for non-third-party app functionality

“I think this is all reasonable, with the possible exception of # 3,” Forstall wrote in the email Steve Jobs responded and wrote: “I agree – if we eliminate Fecebooks ‘third proposition, that seems reasonable “Note Jobs’ Facebook spelling here

Days later, Forstall followed up and said Zuckerberg didn’t like Apple’s counter-proposal CNBC further explains:

Schiller, who was Apple’s head of marketing until last year and heads Apple’s executive review committee, which calls whether apps will be approved by Apple, summed up the position of ‘Apple

“I don’t see why we want to do this,” Schiller wrote “Not all of these apps will be native, they won’t have a relationship or license with us, we won’t review them, they won’t use not our APIs or tools, they will not use our stores, etc.”

When Facebook’s iPad app finally launched, it said it wouldn’t support its own currency Credits on iOS for apps like Farmville – a compromise in the sense of what executives at Apple discussed

And of course, the relationship between Facebook and Apple has not improved at all since 2011 The two companies are currently engaged in a bitter battle over Apple’s attention to user privacy. Facebook also criticized Apple for not allowing it to offer its gaming app on the App Store Recent reports also indicated that Facebook was considering the possibility of launching its own antitrust lawsuit against Apple.

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Facebook is the world’s most popular social media service with 232 billion monthly active users as of December 31, 2018

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Ebene News – CA – New Emails Show Steve Jobs Called Facebook “Fecebook” Amid App Store Conflict – 9to5Mac

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