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Tonight on TLC their fan favorite series My 600-lb Life airs with a brand new season of Wednesday, December 30, 2020 9 Episode 1 and we have your recap of My 600-lb Life here- Below In tonight’s My 600-lb Life season, 9 episodes 1 titled “Samantha’s Story,” according to TLC’s synopsis, “At nearly 1,000 pounds, Samantha is dangerously close to death To make matters worse, she gets paid to eat by making videos online If Samantha doesn’t get over her toxic relationship with food, she is worried about leaving her daughter without a mother “

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Samantha is in bed, she is crying Her life is so miserable because she let her weight get out of hand and it gets harder and harder, every day She knows she is about to be bedridden She wishes her life was a nightmare that she could wake up from It’s harder and harder to get out of bed She lives alone, in a one bedroom apartment She is barely able to get to the bathroom, she has struggling to get through the door because of her belly, she hangs very low She also has trouble keeping clean, it’s so difficult that she only washes every day

It’s so hard and she hates that she let herself go to this point If she falls in the bathroom she is just going to stay there cause God knows how long without a phone to call for help She is constantly miserable All she wants to do is think of ways to forget about her life, and that’s when she eats She gets her food delivered and walked through the apartment for the ‘getting is such a struggle More than anything else is the feeling of being full that she loves Food is so good for her it fills her up and makes her feel the most comfort than she ever felt So she’s safe no matter how much she eats it’s never enough

Food was the comfort in her life and she can’t remember ever being overweight Her parents divorced her father was a violent drunk He was wonderfully sober, but when he was drunk he was horrible At seven she already weighs a hundred and fifty pounds Her mother had no choice but to let her live with her father, her mother couldn’t take care of her She was hungry all the time, they didn’t want her let eat as she wanted Every other weekend, when she went to her mother’s house, she ate what she wanted At ten, she weighed two hundred pounds

Her weight gain continued, at twelve she started bothering her She was unhappy to go to school, she had no real friends Her only happiness was food She became more plus fat, in high school seventeen she weighed four hundred pounds When her daughter was born she weighed five hundred pounds Two weeks later she broke up with the father it was a toxic relationship When she was twenty , she suffered a huge blow, her father was killed in a motorcycle accent In her later years they grew closer, he apologized to her for her addiction She abused food to cope, when she was twenty-three she weighed over six hundred pounds

She never stopped eating and eventually lost her job because of her size, and no one wanted to hire her She was so depressed she couldn’t stand it She was going to kill herself, on medication Her daughter found her She made a website for people who like to watch other people eat She does it and it pays She ate a whole carrot cake in front of the camera She knows work is not healthy, she has found the perfect community to feed his habit

Samantha’s mom is frustrated, she knows she can’t help her daughter if she doesn’t want to help herself first Samantha doesn’t want to die, she knows she needs help, but where to start She knows that if she doesn’t change she’s going to die, so she has to find something before it’s too late

A few days after Samantha contacted Dr Nowzaradan she started having stomach pain which became severe.She called the doctor about the pain and he advised her to see a doctor immediately At the hospital they diagnosed Samantha with kidney stones As she was too fat to be operated on safely, they gave her medicine and sent her home. Back home she has to climb the stairs to get to her apartment and it takes five men to get her there Her daughter there, waiting for her It was a scary few days for her, she thought her body was going decomposed

Her daughter Bella is staying for a few days, just to make sure she’s okay She knows she’s running out of town and has to travel to Houston to see Dr. Nowzaradan She’s unhappy with who she is now it’s a miserable life and she doesn’t want to be a burden on her mother She constantly fails her and she wants to change that Two days later she thinks she’s hit rock bottom The last few weeks have been tough, she doesn’t know she’s going to Houston and Dr Nowzaradan doesn’t want her to go without medical transportation

There are no services like that in Denver and she is really downhearted Her mom and sister come to cheer her up Being alone just doesn’t help Her mom, Andrea and sister, Tracy is coming She tells them she’s gained 250 pounds since she last saw them this is the biggest she’s ever been Andrea tells her she’s sad for her Tracy just wants her to get help, lead a normal life and be happy Samantha just wants to work with animals, she loves them They visit a bit, then hug and leave

Samantha is happy that her family came to support her, but that does not change anything, she is running out of time Month 2: Samantha is still in Colorado, she continues to suffer from stomach aches and now also chest pain She loses control of her bladder and knows it can’t be right either Bella is with her again Samantha worries she has congestive heart failure, she goes to call an ambulance She calls 911, she says she is holding back water, her chest hurts, her shoulders If she stands up she can barely breathe, but it’s usually not that bad

Bella finds it scary watching her mom curl up, she goes down real fast, she tries to stay positive but her mom just thinks she is going to die and expects the worst

The ambulance arrives, Samantha is worried, she is swelling all over and the pain is intense Her foot is so swollen, it is bleeding now The paramedics bring her up and out of the apartment, the stairs are something else Samantha is crying and screaming in every staircase they keep telling her they got her and try to cheer her on She’s down the stairs and on the stretcher It was excruciating, she’s happy to go to the hospital , she has never suffered so much and she is afraid that her body will abandon her. She wants to succeed and be there for Bella

The next day, the last twenty-four hours have been miserable; the hospital is just doing tests So far they haven’t figured it out She’s really scared of what’s wrong and what will happen to her She keeps wetting the bed and it’s so embarrassing They dry her bed, now she hopes her heart and lungs are ok She is so worried that she won’t be able to go see Dr Nowzaradan She picks up the phone and orders food in her room She still desperately has in need of weight loss surgery, she desperately needs a change Dr Nowzaradan is her only hope

Samantha has been in the hospital for six weeks now Her body is not breaking down, but she still has so many health issues related to her weight so they don’t feel safe letting her come home Dr Nowzaradan wants her on a controlled diet in the hospital, but they don’t offer this service there He watches her and she has a video call with him His nurse walks in and takes her weight, 940 pounds It’s time to her call with Dr Nowzaradan to update it She tells him she is so full of fluid she can still stand and walk but uses a walker She tells him her weight she gained 150 extra pounds , a very dangerous point He asks her how she is gaining weight in the hospital She says she brings food

She promises him that when she gets home she won’t eat pastries She says she can’t die, her daughter needs her He tells her he sent a diet plan by email, but it didn’t work She says they put her on a 2100 calorie a day diet He tells her that she eats between 10 and 12 thousand calories a day He tells her it is is impressive that she can still stand up with almost a thousand pounds She says she knows he says even though she knows she continues to eat and gain weight He tells her that she cannot travel for the seeing without medical care He tells her he has a plan to follow She has done everything to change her eating habits and lose weight

He’ll send her a diet, 1200 calories a day If she follows it, she can lose 250 pounds in two months If she’s bedridden the problem because worse She’s nervous and scared He tells her to try doing the first steps she needs to lose at least 350 pounds to be able to tolerate the trip If she doesn’t lose weight he can’t help her She says it’s going to be very painful, food is her whole life and she doesn’t know who she is without her She apologizes to him, he tells her not to His life is more important than food, and if she doesn’t make the changes, the food will kill her He tells her to be get up every day and walk He wants her to be healthy to travel to see him The end of the call The doctor is worried Samantha has gained so much weight as they try to find transportation for her Having a thousand pounds is as far as she can push her body

Samantha has been working hard to make progress At the moment they are working on mobility, PT is helping her and she is doing a little more each time The first few days she was downhearted but she knows she is strengthening her endurance Food is tough, she has only lost ten kilos in recent weeks Giving up food is a big step, she is always happy to go in the right direction If she continues to be well, she will be able to go home soon she She gives him everything, she knows she still has 240 pounds to lose She’s so motivated, she knows it’s now or never

Month 4: Samantha is out and going home, she lost 40 pounds She’s nervous because she won’t have all the help she gave in the hospital She’s walking away now, she did making progress She’s upstairs and happy It wasn’t as hard this time to bring her home Bella’s boyfriend Ivan is also there to help her and he and Bella have a while to go. make sure she’s okay By the time she walks in she orders some food She orders chicken strips, ribs, burgers, fries, strawberry lemonade and a melted lava chocolate cake Then she ask Bella and Ivan if they want something

Samantha dieted a bit, then other times she thinks that if she’s going to die anyway why not just make herself happy It’s so hard for Bella to see her mom like that, that breaks her heart She doesn’t know how to describe her emotion She’s excited, but uncertain She thinks the best place for her mother might be in the hospital She’s so scared that her mother is having suicidal thoughts on her own At first , everything was fine, then things went south real fast It’s really hard for Bella to watch Samantha spiral down Samantha starts to cry and she’s really negative Bella yells at her, tells her to stop and find the positive She goes on to say that with her negative state of mind it is difficult to be with her

Month 5: The last month has been tough, harder than Samantha thought Bella and Ivan still stay with her, but she thinks she’s closer to being able to take care of herself She can’t wait to ‘go to the hospital and get her weight checked, she feels like she starved her She diets for the most part, but gives herself treats and a cheat day once a week

Shortly after Samantha returned to hospital for her weigh-in, a nationwide quarantine was issued in response to COVID-19 For the next five months, she remained in the hospital because, while she was alone her weight had increased to 974 pounds Her highest weight to date As a result, Samantha’s health began to decline and Dr Nowzaradan feared he would not survive for long without extreme intervention He worked with a colleague in Denver, Dr Heydari, to perform a round gastric in a last ditch effort to keep Samantha from overeating in the hospital

Dr Heydari was able to perform the sleeve and it has now been three months since the operation The weight loss surgery saved Samantha’s life She twists her knee on returning to hospital and cannot return to the home now She weighs 638 pounds This is the lowest she has been in fifteen years She is miserable and depressed and doesn’t know how to handle life without food If food makes her happy, the happier she is and she gets better feels incredibly sad

In Houston, Dr Nowzaradan has been working for months with Dr Heydari for Samantha He thinks that if he hadn’t helped Samantha she would be dead in a month He calls his colleague to talk about Samantha who tells him that ‘she is doing great She is really motivated and does PT Although the weight loss has slowed in the last few weeks He says he would like to transfer her to a rehab center for some extra help She has a lot of problems that she will have to solve The two doctors think she needs psychotherapy before going home so that she does not gain weight

Dr Heydari visits Samantha, he tells her that she is doing very well and moving forward, she is going to rehab She needs physical therapy and behavior therapy to not gaining weight Her final weight before leaving is 616 pounds He tells her he is proud of her and that she did a great job They will only be able to keep Samantha in rehab for about a month She really needs help to overcome this; weight loss will slow down and they want her to have the support of a behavior specialist Her doctors fear that if she doesn’t deal with her emotional issues she will fail

Shortly after being admitted to rehab, Samantha developed an infection in her leg and had to be transferred to a treatment center Her doctors consult about Samantha Sr Heydari says she had a setback They had to remove some skin because of the infection and now she is facing wound issues It could take two months to heal She is much happier than before, she is quite motivated She’s on behavioral therapy every now and then But that’s the good thing, if she’s there longer with them they can work more with her Her current weight is a bit under 500 pounds, she lost around 500 pounds Now the fight is to keep Samantha in the right direction, to get her where she needs to be

Due to COVID-19 protocols filming Samantha was not an option However, Samantha self-shot the following message She is posting a video, she is beautiful and so positive

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