Ebene News – CA – Sabers may have time to assess Dylan Cozens during training camp

eval (ez_write_tag ([[300,250],’ buffalohockeybeat_com-box-3 ‘,’ ezslot_4 ‘, 110,’ 0 ‘,’ 0 ‘])); In Team Canada’s opener at the World Junior Championship, Buffalo Sabers prospect Dylan Cozens helped Powerhouse demolish a shorthanded German team, scoring three goals and six points in a 16-2 victory.

“It’s a good start for him in the World Juniors, and I love that he’s a go-to guy there,” Sabers general manager Kevyn Adams said at a call for Zoom on Tuesday to discuss training camp, which opens on Thursday

But one night later, the Canadians faced tougher opponents Slovakia, and coach André Tourigny used 19-year-old Cozens in the dying minutes to wrap up a narrow 3-1 win in Edmonton.

“In a one-goal game, a minute and a half to go, he’s on the ice when they scored a goal,” said Adams. “That says a lot about his 200-foot game”

Cozens’ rapid development could earn him a spot in the NHL next month If Canada plays for a medal, the Yukon native, the seventh overall pick in 2019, will remain at the tournament at least until January 5 So it will probably be missing at least the first week of the campeval (ez_write_tag ([[468,60], ‘buffalohockeybeat_com-medrectangle-3’, ‘ezslot_10’, 111, ‘0’, ‘0’]));

But the COVID-19 protocols that the NHL and the NHL Players’ Association have agreed to stipulate that players must be quarantined for seven days and undergo four COVID-19 tests when they arrive in their city original

Cozens agent Allain Roy wondered if the NHL would introduce a special rule for players returning from the tournament, which takes place in a bubbleeval (ez_write_tag ([[300,250], ‘buffalohockeybeat_com-medrectangle-4 ‘,’ ezslot_8 ‘, 112,’ 0 ‘,’ 0 ‘]));

Coach Ralph Krueger believes the Sabers will have time to assess center Cozens, and winger Jack Quinn, his Canadian teammate The Sabers drafted Quinn, 19, eighth overall in October

In pandemic shortened 56-game season, Sabers can play Cozens and Quinn seven games apiece before their entry contracts begin

“We’re in no rush,” Krueger said “Let’s let it happen organically What we’d like to do is bring… Dylan and Jack to camp and see where everyone is at that time. “

Krueger hopes Cozens and Quinn can play in Sabers’ intrasquad second scrum Jan 9 There are no preseason games this year

The Sabers can also put the outlook on the four to six-man taxi team the NHL has put in place due to the COVID-19eval pandemic (ez_write_tag ([[300,250], ‘buffalohockeybeat_com-box-4 ‘,’ ezslot_6 ‘, 113,’ 0 ‘,’ 0 ‘]));

Adams believes allowing the 6-foot-3, 198-pound Cozens to compete with the world’s best teens – “Not just in games, but in workouts,” he said – will support his development at short and long term

Tourigny also asked Cozens and Bowen Byram to share the captaincy of Canada after Kirby Dach fractured his wrist in an exhibition game Both players won gold with Canada in the year last

“For me, to support (Cozens) and have the chance to be part of Team Canada, to be in a leadership role, to feel that little bit of pressure, what you still feel on this scene with everyone watching, I thought it was just a great growth opportunity, “said Adams, who played for the US team at the 1994 World Juniors” So I don’t see any impact on that. negative on Buffalo and his odds because to be honest with you he now had a long trail to be in game shape and play and compete”

Adams has said he hopes the Sabers can let fans into KeyBank Center at some point this season

“It would be great for our fans, for our players,” he said “I think if anyone on this call knows what the world will be like in a day or a month I would be in awe. is impossible to really answer I will say this: I think we all certainly like the idea of ​​having fans in our building as soon as possible I know our organization, on the commercial side there is regular communication with the state to understand where this could possibly lead and what could be our options “

Forward Jean-Sébastien Dea, the Americans’ top scorer for Rochester last season, called off his retirement on Tuesday Dea, who played three games with the Sabers last year, is not on the roster of the team camp

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Dylan Cozens

Ebene News – CA – Sabers may have time to assess Dylan Cozens during training camp

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