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His brief stint as a planner ultimately seemed to end on SEAL Team Season 4 Episode 7

After all, she adapted a position for Jason as a condition of accepting his new job in San Diego. And he just threw it aside without consulting her It won’t be okay

The warning signs were there right away Jason was distracted from his job when a reduced Bravo was training poorly at base, deemed unfit for combat

Then he got a taste of being Bravo One again when the team went to save Ray How could he be a paper pusher again after that?

Natalie knew her caged lion wasn’t happy He took a sick day because he was distracted and couldn’t handle the deployment of Bravo without him

This is why she believed that training the next generation of SEALs would be exactly what Jason needed so he could pass on his hard-earned pearls of wisdom.

But being an instructor is only two steps away from being a cake eater So was what he did in his new role, by the way

So the experiment of having Jason Hayes purposely on the sidelines failed, as we all knew that would be the case.

And, as their little tête-à-tête on Ray’s porch revealed, Ray was the same way

Despite everything Ray said about becoming a warrant officer to spend more time with his family, he was unable to handle domestic bliss. He missed his skull

You would think it would be better to be a prisoner of the Tunisian rebels but apparently not.That’s maybe why too many military relationships end like Jason’s marriage to Alana: because the operators can’t turn it off

Ray must realize that all these officers and therapists continue to expect that he was changed by his kidnapping because it was a traumatic experience.

He can’t just wash it off with a mantra of “I’m fine” His shaking hands told a different story

Ray felt extra pressure to come back there because, somehow Jason had left Bravo, so the team needed his leadership.

Thirty Mike, who must have come out of a shaken joint earlier in the episode, was still in charge as Clay, the logical choice among those who remained, was penalized and reverted to Bravo Six.

Hey, this is a military series, so there has to be turn-over Options are death or promotion, and at least one promotion would get the character back

Death has a much more dramatic impact This is why I was shocked that Soto was not killed in his initial episode He had “redshirt” written all over him

When Jason was giving Soto a visit I assumed he was a temporary operator on duty with Bravo until Ray was declared fit for duty. He looked too young to be responsible

The transition was mismanaged Lindell gave a brief intro and left the feeling of “Just take care of it.” Would a little Lindell or Soto experience before their first mission together have killed them?

Maybe Bravo would then have approached Soto with a more open mind if he had some legitimacy for them So little has been done to flesh it out Maybe an early release is still in the cards

Great shock that on the first mission of the new Bravo, Clay the Penitent captured the target while Sonny, the simple door kicker, became Soto’s project It should be interesting

Especially now that Sonny and Davis were trying again as a couple Sonny has never been a man for global thinking, and Davis, mobile upward, considers nothing else

So with all the changes happening around them, Davis was instantly surprised to be caught, which Sonny, again, didn’t understand.It’s called fraternization, Sonny Look for it p>

Ultimately, they agreed to find a way to make their relationship work out in the open, which prompted one of them to quit Bravo Sonny couldn’t he just become a military contractor since he has less. advancement potential?

You would have thought that Clay having broken up with Rebecca would have come before now

Maybe spending time with Naima has given Stella a better idea of ​​what a military spouse is

She seemed less afraid of Clay’s potential risk while Clay seemed to accept that her potential for advancement had been wasted. The two realized they messed things up the first time around

Sonny: Thirty Mike is drunk in a joint jiggle and needs a lifelineDavis: The Brotherhood is calling

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Ebene News – CA – SEAL Team Season 4 Episode 7 Review: All In

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