Ebene News – CA – Shopify unveils tools to improve online stores

Shopify, the giant platform that makes it easy for merchants to launch online stores, has unveiled a range of new technology tools, upgrades and innovations giving developers and merchants a greater ability to “build, customize, scale and monetize on Shopify”

The innovations, unveiled at Tuesday’s Unite platform’s annual conference for developers and merchants, held virtually, include the launch of the 20 online store that offers merchants “great levels flexibility and customization to better present their brands, create unique online experiences and integrate apps – without touching the code, ”said Kaz Nejatian, vice president of merchant products and services at Shopify

Online Store 20 is What Netflix Online Store Uses Netflix was one of the few companies to have early access to 20 Online Store ahead of Tuesday’s announcement “The Reason Netflix Chose Shopify to launch his online store is that it allowed him to do it incredibly fast while still making it look like Netflix, ”said Nejatian

Another big launch for Shopify is support for storefront customization through a tool the company calls “Hydrogen,” which is designed to be used by developers or large businesses with developers.

Nejatian said that Hydrogen’s goal is to “ensure that we will deliver the same level of speed and performance, even for the most complex content, as merchants get more technical and create new Custom Storefronts on Shopify If you’re super nerdy about that, it’s basically a series of plug-and-go components that allow you to rebuild a website with a whole new infrastructure without spending two years doing it”

Hydrogen includes commercial specialty React components like shopping cart, variant picker and media gallery React is a JavaScript library for building component-based user interfaces Component branching allows developers to create more websites quickly and frees them up to focus more on branding and creating unique online experiences

Developers who use Hydrogen to create storefronts can create them on the Shopify platform, or they can host their Hydrogen storefronts outside of Shopify

“One of my recurring nightmares is a world where the internet looks like a digitized version of ‘1984’, the book, like where all the streets are the same, all the houses are the same and people all wear the same thing “said Nejatian” I just think it would be terrible for the world if the whole internet became the same boring store, carrying counterfeit versions of everything, carrying aisle after aisle of the same thing… We don’t want the future to be the same. ‘Internet be a centralized market ”

The Hydrogen framework, Nejatian said, mirrors Shopify “opening up its infrastructure to every merchant and developer to create unique websites, which is strange for a business… Now we’re telling the developers of the world, here, use all of these things, and you can code your own website using all of these components that we have. It’s a huge deal on the internet because it takes over a decade to ‘Shopify experience and code, and open it up to the world, so you can have a checkout as good as Shopify checkout, and your own unique website. You don’t have to use Shopify themes ”

A theme is a template that determines the look and feel of a merchant’s online store.The Shopify theme store includes a range of free and premium themes, with different styles and layouts, allowing merchants to offer different experiences to their consumers

“Think of a really big retailer who wanted to start a new website It would invariably be like a one or two year process These big brands are stuck in a world where everything takes two years so they can never catch up What hydrogen does is take that two-year process and do it in two weeks ”

In another innovation, Shopify dramatically expands Shopify Checkout’s ability to handle larger volumes and more buyers to avoid delays or crashes on big shopping days like a fashion show, a big sale or a holiday promotion “We make each checkout twice as fast and allow each checkout to handle seven times as many simultaneous buyers,” said Nejatian “Next year, every store on Shopify – and now there are well over 7 million – will be able to handle as much traffic in a day as any Shopify did during Black Friday and Cyber. Monday last year “A single trader will be able to sell 300,000 pairs of sneakers in just over eight minutes,” he added.

Shopify is the second largest e-commerce company in North America, by gross volume, behind Amazon Last year, nearly $ 120 billion in gross merchandise volume was processed by Shopify merchants

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Another change concerns the Shopify App Store, where developers offer apps to merchants to extend the functionality and functionality of their online stores. Typically, Shopify would reduce the revenue generated by developers providing apps to online stores, but now the company is cutting its App Store revenue to zero for the first million dollars each developer earns each year. According to Shopify, this means the overwhelming majority of developers will never pay Shopify a dime selling apps on Shopify

Last month, the company launched Shop Payments Installments, a Buy It Now and Pay Later solution for merchants Shopify Shop Pay Installments is powered by Affirm, the payments company that allows shoppers to make four payments. bi-weekly payments with no interest, hidden fees, or late fees Affirm designed Shopify’s installment payment solution to integrate with Shopify’s Shopify platform

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Ebene News – CA – Shopify unveils tools to improve online stores

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