Ebene News – CA – Suarez overturned Atletico Madrid’s fortunes, says Dalima Chhibber

Updated: May 8, 2021 3:35 PM IST

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], May 8 (ANI): As La Liga nears the end of the season and the title race is close – four teams have a chance to win the title – we are expects the matches this weekend can seal the fate of one of the teams and a clear view of the leader can be obtained LaLiga has a massive fan base in India and the excitement has drawn two footballers from the Indian women’s national team Dalima Chhiber and Aditi Chauhan The two met on the LaLiga Facebook page to discuss the final stages of the season, Dalima and Aditi are both avid Barcelona fans and, in a frank conversation, they both revealed they wanted the Messi’s team wins the title

Aditi said: “Barcelona keep giving us heart attacks, but I think we still have a chance The last games in this league are very interesting now but I hope Barcelona can change things this season” She was in awe of Messi’s form in the game against Valencia “You could see a different kind of Messi on the pitch He was running around trying to chase the ball and make more attacks and that confidence was also showing in his shot franc I think it’s just a pure shine of Messi in the game However, yes we conceded the second goal, that’s when I got a little worried but I’m happy we got the 3 points we needed, ”she saidFor Dalima the inclusion of Suarez in the Atletico Madrid squad turned out to be a big factor “I think Suarez was the X factor in Atletico Madrid’s success because this team has been missing for so long of a goalscorer and because of him they got a converter and a goalscorer We can also quite see that in the stats he is one of the top 4 forwards in La Liga and he gets those crucial goals”Even with Barcelona when he played he was one of the major factors, and his combination with Messi, his posture and his composure in this difficult situation to be able to convert was great. I think it has transformed Atletico’s success and that’s why we can see them scoring so many goals and it boosts the competition Therefore for me he was the X factor “When Aditi asked Dalima who was the best coach of the top 4 teams, Dalima chose Zidane” I would definitely say Zidane because I saw the consistency of his work Honestly , Madrid have faced a lot of injuries that have come up, but always tactically he’s been able to manage the team and get such good results, that’s really commendable It has been over 4 years for him with the club if you look at the statistics you will see that he has been consistent Therefore, I think it has been a commendable job for him as a coach, ”she said. (ANI)

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Ebene News – CA – Suarez spilled Atletico fortune Madrid, feels Dalima Chhibber

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