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Stanley Tucci and Colin Firth recently returned together in the movie Supernova, written and directed by Harry Macqueen.In a recent interview, Tucci congratulated his colleague and shared an anecdote about the two characters in the film , which the protagonists literally exchanged, finding the director’s approval

Supernova tells the story of Sam (Firth) and Tusker (Tucci), a couple traveling across England to meet friends and family as Tusker suffers from dementia In the interview, Stanley Tucci said that he had had a lot of fun working with Colin Firth again

“I love him We’ve been friends for over twenty years, he’s an incredibly good person, a great friend, a great dad and quite simply one of the best actors ever” Tucci said ” And we have fun together It seems like we don’t miss each other which really doesn’t make any sense because we’re not very interesting “joked actor Stanley Tucci in the movie plays Tusker while Colin Firth is Sam But originally the roles were turned: “I think we did it in the world it was supposed to be But yeah Harry offered me the part of Sam and so we went Colin was going playing Tusker and I kept reading and thinking ‘Something’s wrong I wonder if I should change’ And then one day Colin walks up to me and says, ‘We should change roles’ And I said ‘Yeah, I was thinking the same’ So we went to see Harry and, poor Harry He was just like ‘Oh my God, why did I mixed up with those two? ‘And then he said,’ Alright, alright, let’s read it Let’s take a few scenes and read them one way and read them the other And we did it and it was pretty obvious that it ‘was how it was supposed to be “

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Ebene News – CA – Supernova, Stanley Tucci praises Colin Firth: “Love it, we traded roles for the film “- Sunriseread

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