Ebene News – CA – Toronto Mayor John Tory begs people not to go to home parties on New Years Eve

Toronto Mayor John Tory begs people not to go to house parties for New Years

New Years Eve 2020 in Toronto and around the world is bound to be – let’s face it – quite disappointing this year due to the resurgence of COVID-19 and the resulting health and safety measures

While most of us will heed government orders to stay home with only those we live with, there are still some who surely plan to defy the restrictions and get together with friends, like people apparently did, to sound what we all hope the new year will be more promising and fruitful

At a press conference in December on October 30, Toronto Mayor John Tory called on residents to stay vigilant these last days of the year, curl up and kiss this New Years Eve anticlimactic for what it must unfortunately be

COVID-19 threat remains real, Toronto
I know that many made sacrifices on Christmas, choosing to celebrate virtually, and for that I thank you
But we are still far from having gained the upper hand with this deadly virus
Please stay home on New Years Eve imageTwittercom / FUm09aqyJC

“My wife Barb would tell you I always thought New Years Eve was overrated anyway,” Tory said “People should just relax and stay home with the people they live with “

While he went on to acknowledge that 2021 couldn’t be much worse than 2020 – let’s not tempt fate here, mayor – he also expressed his belief that things will indeed improve in the New Year with the widespread distribution of the vaccine, which is already making health workers dance with joy

It is the caution and benevolence that the residents of Toronto have applied to deal with the pandemic during so many difficult months, in fact, that Tory says will help us get through the next few moments until things are getting closer to normal

“This city has the right things, it has the right people to beat this thing. Everything that made Toronto the envy of the world is still here,” he said “Above all, this concern for our city and this concern for each other, which will be the key elements to ensure that we govern ourselves accordingly in the coming days.”

I’m not going to a New Years party, I’m going to a “My Friends Mistake Party”
Sorry, @JohnTory and @fordnation but you weren’t invited # onpoli #toronto #cdnpoli

Conservatives and officials across Ontario have been facing lockdowns lately, especially from struggling retailers, salons and other types of businesses who have proven just how their environment contributes little to the transmission of the virus and how devastating the severe lockdown has been for them

There’s also the fact that some politicians themselves have not respected what they ask their constituents: Ontario MPP Randy Hillier shared a photo of him having dinner with au minus 14 other people earlier this week , while our Finance Minister Rod Phillips is sentenced for taking personal vacations to St Bart’s when non-essential travel is discouraged

Conservatives on Wednesday called Phillips’ controversial decision a “mistake”, saying “I stand by my friends when they make mistakes he’s a human being and he made a mistake”

Seems to be a wonderful and responsible way to spend New Years Eve Virtual New Years Celebrity Bravo in Toronto https: // tco / Z5GoSbOJuu

Residents are asked to do their best to connect and celebrate New York virtually tomorrow night, for example with Zoom hangouts or by broadcasting the special CN Tower light show and countdown

Also, to avoid throwing or waiting for house parties, as tempting as it might be to make things a little more exciting with the risk of spreading an infectious disease and / or being doomed to a fine for unlawful assembly, which is currently defined across Ontario like any interior meeting with people who are not part of your household

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Ebene News – CA – Toronto Mayor John Tory begs people not to attend house parties for the New Year

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