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No, it’s not April Fool’s Day But the entire Twitter account has been taken over by the NFT As its new header reads: “I quit hydrating because tweeting about NFTs keeps me young now”

If that’s true, the Twitter bird will look like a little duckling by the end of the day This morning, Twitter posted: “140 Free NFTs for 140 of you, my friends,” making a nod to Twitter’s original 140 character limit

In retrospect, we should have expected this after Twitter co-founder and CEO Jack Dorsey sold his first tweet as NFT earlier this year through a website called Valuables by Cent, which is not affiliated with Twitter, but that gives people the option to hit and sell NFTs of tweets Even Mark Cuban, who invested in the NFT space, sold a tweet on Valuables for 056 ETH, or $ 953 at the time The Dorsey’s NFT sold for 1,630 ETH, which was worth around $ 2.9 million at the time of sale He donated the proceeds to GiveDirectly to help the COVID-19 response in Africa, but NFTs are still often criticized for being negative environmental impact – others fear the NFT market is just flash in the pan But with major platforms like Twitter making NFTs, the fashion may not be over yet – or, Twitter could test the waters to gauge how its user base is responding to an impromptu, free NFT drop before expanding. its offers in space

The problem with today’s Twitter NFT drop is that no one can buy them Twitter users can reply to the tweet for a chance to get one of 7 NFTs, which were minted on Rarible, an NFT Marketplace, in editions of 20, which makes 140 NFT in total

According to Twitter, there have been over 29 million tweets on the platform about NFTs What’s next for NFTs on Twitter? We’re not sure But with the rapid development of new features by Twitter like Spaces, Super Follows, Twitter Blue, and more, it may not be the last we hear of Twitter’s foray into. encrypted collectibles

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Ebene News – CA – Twitter is doing NFTs now, apparently – TechCrunch

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