Ebene News – CA – Upcoming van Gogh exhibition brings the artist’s work to life in a ‘vivid and spectacular way’

Andrea Dion
CTV News Edmonton


In March, 200 of the Dutch artist’s paintings will be on display at the Edmonton Expo Center

The exhibition was created by French artistic directors Annabelle Mauger and Julien Baron, famous for their immersive exhibitions Cathedral of Images in Baux-de-Provence, according to a press release on Wednesday

The spring exhibition will feature high-definition video technology that will allow visitors to view the paintings in an enlarged format Mauger said it was a journey to the heart of the artist’s work

“When you’re in the museum you can’t touch anything. Here you can do whatever you want,” Mauger told CTV News Edmonton

“If you want to sing, you can sing If you want to jump, if you want to run, you do whatever you want It was the most important for me because it’s a free place”

Mauger said that by making the exhibition immersive, visitors will have the opportunity to explore the detailed brushstrokes of Vincent van Gogh

She added: “The original canvases are enlarged and fragmented, then projected in unusual shapes to highlight the fascinating exaggerations and distortions of van Gogh’s work.”

The creators of the exhibition wanted to impress the audience by giving them a way to interact with van Gogh in an emotional way Their floor-to-ceiling video touchscreens and classic musical score aim to appreciate what the artist felt when he created his iconic pieces

“The exhibition brings van Gogh’s paintings to life in a vivid and spectacular way. The public will literally enter the artist’s dream world”

Although the exhibit was developed in France, it has already been a huge success in Montreal, Winnipeg and Vancouver, according to the statement

“It’s a place you can dream of It’s very important this year and even last year to have those kinds of moments Maybe you can kinda forget what world we live in,” Mauger said

Vincent van Gogh, Exhibition, Edmonton

Ebene News – CA – An upcoming Van Gogh exhibition brings the artist’s work to life in a “vivid and spectacular way”

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