Ebene News – CA – Van Gogh interactive exhibit debuts in Chicago

On Wednesday, the interactive digital visual art exhibit’ Immersive Van Gogh ‘, which recently received critical acclaim on its Toronto, Canada debut, made its American debut in Chicago

The exhibition invites the public to “penetrate” the iconic works of post-impressionist artist Vincent van Gogh, which are presented through light projections and melodic soundtracks

The exhibition, which takes place in the Germania Club Building in Chicago’s Old Town, was designed by the Italian creative team who worked on the “Atelier des Lumières” exhibitions in Paris Immersive Van Gogh covers 35-foot walls with animated versions of the work of Dutch painters, accompanied by a score that mixes electronic and classical compositions

“This is a whole new way of encountering art and seeing art,” says exhibition producer Svetlana Dvoretsky, noting that the duration of the exhibition presentation is d ‘about 35 minutes

In the exhibition, there are performances of ‘Starry Night’ and ‘The Bedroom in Arles’ by Van Gogh, in a series of displays using over 50 digital projectors

Due to the pandemic, visitors will find a variety of security measures in place, including social distancing circles in the exhibit, reduced capacity, a contactless ticketing system, and face mask requirements for all guests Immersive Van Gogh is currently scheduled to end on September 6

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Vincent van Gogh, Edmonton, Exhibition

Ebene News – CA – Van Gogh interactive exhibition debuts in Chicago

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