Ebene News – CA – Video of David Letterman sucking Jennifer Aniston’s hair on his show resurfaces online after his interview with Lindsay Lohan went viral

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A 1998 “Late Show” interview, in which David Letterman sucked a lock of Jennifer Aniston’s hair, recently surfaced online

Several of the 73-year-old TV personality’s old interviews have been re-examined in a new light following the release of the New York Times documentary “Framing Britney Spears,” which chronicles the pop star’s ruthless treatment by the media at the height of his fame

Less than a week after Letterman’s live chat with Lindsay Lohan in 2013 went viral for the host’s “insensitive” questions, her interview with Aniston began to make the rounds online

The interview seemed to have started amicably, despite Letterman’s request to know if the “Friends” actress, who was around 29 at the time, was “naked” during her fan meeting anecdote in a hammam

Things took an unexpected turn, however, when the host interrupted his conversation and said, “Forgive me if it’s rude I just want to try one thing”

Letterman slid his chair behind Aniston, put his hand on his shoulder, and attempted to put a piece of his hair in his mouth

The actress screamed and asked what he was doing Instead of responding, Letterman sucked on the wick until it fell out of his mouth He then handed Aniston a towel to dry his hair

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Letterman joked that they would change the timing, and Aniston replied, “This is something I will never forget”

It’s been over 20 years since Aniston’s 1998 appearance on “The Late Show” aired on television, but many people first watched her when she circulated online in 2021

Aniston’s 1998 appearance on “The Late Show” was not her last visit to the late-night set The “Cake” actress sat down for interviews with Letterman on her multiple show times in the years that followed

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Ebene News – CA – Video of David Letterman sucking Jennifer Aniston’s hair on his show remade surfaced online after her Lindsay Lohan interview goes viral

Source: https://www.insider.com/david-letterman-sucks-jennifer-aniston-hair-resurfaced-video-interview-2021-2