Ebene News – CA – What happened to the men in the infamous Twisted Tea video?

On Christmas Eve 2020, a video of two men fighting at a convenience store went viral Video shows white man punched in the face with a can of Twisted Tea after repeatedly verbally harassing a man black that was in the store

In the clip, which is about two minutes long, the white man continually egg on the black man in the video, making obscene threats and calling him the N-word over and over again

The fight between these two men begins when the black man picks up a box of Twisted Tea that was on the counter, to which the white man says “What, are you going to hit me with that? Hit me!”

The fight starts when the Twisted Tea is slapped on the white man’s face and ends once the black man pins the other guy down with a wrestling move The video has been shared multiple times, but some still wonder, where did it go and did either of the guys go to jail?

The infamous video hit the internet a lot, quickly gaining millions of views and even shared by popular rapper Snoop Dogg The altercation appears to take place in a convenience store and, according to The Chronicle, based in the ‘Ohio, she performed in a Circle K in Elyria, near Cleveland

According to the outlet, the incident took place on Broad Street from the chain’s gas station

Those in the region claim to have identified the instigator in the dispute, although his real identity has not been made public

While many have respected his privacy, choosing not to name him, others have not and have even gone so far as to continue to share his photos online

Although many saw the entire altercation online, the incident was not actually reported to local law enforcement at the time. According to The Chronicle, police officer Elyria James Welsh claims to have seen the video, although he has confirmed that no official police report has been filed following the incident.

“It has obviously gone viral on the internet, but to my knowledge it has never been called or reported,” he told the site

As the incident was not reported, it is unlikely that any of the parties involved in the fight will be charged or sentenced to prison.This would also explain why none of the men in the video were publicly identified

“Honestly, I don’t ever want to see him again I don’t like that sort of thing,” cashier Kaleb Gregg told Cleveland 19 News of the incident. He has not commented further on it. what happened before or after the video was taken

For now, it looks like none of the men in the video will suffer repercussions for engaging in a brawl in public. If either party decides to show up to file a police report, he this may change, as the viral video is evidence of the altercation

Who is the guy in the Twisted Tea video? Detectives have identified one of the men

Twisted Tea Video

Ebene News – CA – What happened to the men in the famous Twisted Tea video?

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