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According to various sources, YouTuber Benjamin “Apollo Legend” Smith was found dead at his home yesterday, December 30 in the evening when police searched his residence

According to Daniel “Keemstar” Keem, before committing suicide, Apollo uploaded a video / suicide note to Youtube where he accused YouTubers DarkViperAU and EZScape of pushing him to the limit

A few hours after his suicide letter / video was posted on Youtube, the police were informed of the incident, after which the police went to his home where he was found dead

Speedrunner Apollo Legend just released a suicide videoIn the description of the video, he “thanks” YouTubers DarkViperAU and EZScape for pushing him to the limit It is currently unknown whether Apollo is alive or dead imageTwittercom / E70BTrhTpz

The two Apollo YouTubers named in his video had made videos about Apollo Legend and accused him of stirring up drama for playing the Youtube ad system to increase ad revenue The video he posted to YouTube before his suicide was removed from the platform on the grounds that it violated the platform’s terms of service

Before Youtube got into action, some people were able to watch the video in which the Apollo video description “thanks” YouTubers DarkViperAU and EZScape for pushing it to the limit He also shared a Mediafire link where uploaded his suicide letter / video

Apollo cited causes such as the deterioration of the psychological and bodily situation which caused him to take such an extreme step Apparently he had to be hospitalized for a medical situation and, instead, he was determined to take this excessive measure

News of his suicide quickly reached Reddit and in various Reddit posts people began to blame the two YouTubers who made videos on Apollo Legend for the incident. However, Billy Mitchell himself took to Twitter to defend them and said that just reporting the truth about an issue was not a mistake.

Benjamin “Apollo Legend” Smith was a speedrunning commentator / YouTuber who quit uploading to Youtube a year ago after losing a lawsuit against Billy Mitchel

Apollo had uploaded a video about Billy Mitchel cheating in his famous Donkey Kong speedruns, for which Billy sued him alleging that Apollo used his voice recordings illegally The lawsuit resulted in a settlement out from the courtroom, after which Apollo was constantly criticized by various YouTubers

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Apollo Legend

Ebene News – CA – YouTuber “Apollo Legend” reportedly found dead in his home »TalkEsport

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