Ebene News – California – Derrick Jones, Jr Flies with the Blazers

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In the Portland Trail Blazers’ 115-107 win over the Los Angeles Lakers, the Blazers enlisted the help of their two ‘juniors’ Gary Trent Jr put on a show by hitting seven threes on his way to 28 points Derrick Jones Jr put on a defensive masterclass, manipulating and even disturbing LeBron James at times Take what you want from Game 3 of the season, but it was a good win against the league’s top team in a game where the Lakers were trying in not to lose

We’ve talked a lot about how good Gary Trent is already, so I want to focus on Jones.If you’ve just watched the Blazers-Lakers box score, you probably wouldn’t be so impressed with his stat line He only had five points shooting 1 of 9 from the field But when you look closely at what he has done in those early games you start to get a feel for what he has brought so far. and what it could bring in the future

The thing that literally jumps off the screen is the way Derrick Jones Jr gets It has been reported to have a vertical as high as 48 inches By the time you watch him jump, it suddenly seems like anything below at 50 seems incorrect This tweet explained it well:

Every photo of DJJ in the air looks more like a drop from the ceiling than a jump from the floor

Having a massive vertical doesn’t just look cool He has a goal at both ends Offensively, it allows Jones, Jr to rise above defenders to finish at the rim Last season he has made 72% of his shots from within 10 feet, tied with Giannis Antentokoumpo

This isn’t a particularly great lob pass from Damian Lillard and it really doesn’t matter Jones can literally catch just about anything as long as he’s in the box It’s not not even the craziest lob we’ve ever seen from Jones (this one is), but it was his first in a Blazers uniform, so it has to be mentioned

This lob shows Jones using the basic cut Lillard and CJ McCollum naturally draw multiple defenders every time they touch the ball On the lob above, Lillard did just that With only Jae’Sean Tate the rookie undrafted, available to keep baseline Jones can easily rise above him

Here’s another basic dunk for your viewing pleasure This time Covington walks up to the hoop and lures Marc Gasol Jones catches LeBron James looking at the ball and sneaks right behind him Covington is a solid reactionary passer and is able to get him to Jones for an easy dunk This is the exact action you want if you’re looking to get Jones two points: the pilot draws the inside defender, Jones sneaks right behind them and easy buckets s’ follow

Jones unusually misses a fairly easy reverse layout here (I kinda wish he soaked it), but it’s the right game and one the Blazers should be looking to do often when he and Jusuf Nurkic are on the pitch Nurk has excellent touchdown on those floating passes, and he can deliver precise balls to Jones quite easily when he cuts from the corner Give Nurk the ball on his elbow and he should be able to find Jones no problem

When it comes to filming, Jones has always been a non-factor He only shot more than 30% of the arc once It was during the 2018-19 season when he shot 308% of the arc. three out of 15 attempts per game Even though he scored on the edge, his outside score was not strong

At least start filming it without hesitation Jones wasn’t afraid to let it fly very early on and often throughout his three games in Portland against the Lakers it didn’t work out well for himself. if he couldn’t do much in this game – but in the season opener against Jazz he ended up getting 3 of the 5 shots from outside

Putting screens off the ball for one of the McCollums or Lillard is a great way to make defenders worry more about them than you. Royce O’Neal tries to stay with McCollum before Donovan Mitchell tells him to stay on Jones Sensing an opening, Jones lets him fly and emptiness, without any hesitation

This is one of two corner lines Jones hit against Utah This is my favorite because he sees Joe Ingles coming and shoots him anyway This third corner will be especially important for Jones for the reasons mentioned above If defenders suddenly have to respect his outside shot, it gives him more opportunities to pass them for easy lobs and layups The easier the shots, the better

As for the shoot, ideally Jones would make all his lines at a weird Gary Trent Jr-element, but that’s unrealistic. But can he push his outdoor shooting percentage closer to the mid-30s? What if it was spinning between 33% and 35%, which isn’t particularly great, but just enough that you don’t want to leave it super wide open? This is really hope with Jones

Jones doesn’t get $ 19million over two years because he’s an attacking powerhouse He’s a solid defender and he showed how good he can be from the start Against the Lakers he’s racked up three blocks including those villains on LeBron

That first block was a great play First off, Jones picked LeBron on the full court This is something Gary Trent Jr and maybe Trevor Ariza could have done last year Second, he got showed incredible recovery speed here after being reviewed by Montrezl Harrell, who did a great job switching screens on Jones Third, it was a block on LeBron James! It’s always cool, especially when he’s wearing a Lakers uniform

The second play isn’t too different from the first block Harrell puts on a screen, Jones gets caught, but he recovers so quickly that he can still block LeBron Note Enes Kanter’s role in the play Kanter is bad defensively, but it’s a big body that’s theoretically strong enough to make the score a little difficult as long as he’s just standing there Kanter does pretty much just that, and Jones, as expected, is athletic enough to block him when Kanter slows down. (slightly) LeBron

It’s going to be huge for Portland The Blazers have brought guys like Jones and Covington to Portland to be great team defenders, guys who can make up for the shortcomings of other players Jones himself has those shortcomings, being so skinny Harrell can just push him aside But his athleticism is so great he will always have moments like the second clip

We’re going to see Jones take on the toughest defensive mission that seems, as he’s already taken LeBron and James Harden That’s smart considering the rest of the starting lineup – even Covington – are best suited for more team defense situations.It won’t always be perfect, but Jones is the better option

Take this play for example Harden had an amazing game against Portland, but the Rockets struggled to go from three to the third quarter and that was because of plays like this from Jones where he uses his longs. arms to challenge shots and make life difficult

It won’t always be perfect with Jones His shot probably won’t be much better Although he is a more defender he will always be a bit limited by his slender figure But the idealized version of Jones has already shown himself in those first three games If Terry Stotts can find a way to unlock this version of Jones often enough, his tenure in Portland will be fine

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Ebene News – California – Derrick Jones, Jr Flies with the Blazers

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