Ebene News – EN – Big Brother 2021 winner REVEALED

After two months of navigating the most chaotic of mazes, a roommate finally reigned supreme and was crowned the winner of Big Brother Australia 2021

They endured a grueling season filled with blind shutters, secret caves and mirrored rooms But, in the end, Marley Biyendolo, Christina Podolyan and Sarah Jane Adams were the three roommates to cross all the hurdles, surrendering to the final live at the Hordern Pavilion in Sydney

Despite COVID restrictions eliminating the ability for a live audience to be in attendance, more than half of this year’s 26 roommates made an appearance on tonight’s show, some though virtually

Now the votes are finally in place and the winner of $ 250,000 and Big Brother Australia 2021 is Marley Biyendolo!

The top three roommates were determined by one final challenge, courtesy of Big Brother of course, on Monday night’s episode

Although he cleared the first hurdles with flying colors, master manipulator Ari stumbled over the final hurdle, ultimately losing the challenge to Marley

After that, Marley was able to choose a roommate to eliminate from the competition, and he sent Ari to pack his bags

As a result, it was Marley, Christina and Sarah Jane who vied for the public’s favor And all had their own motivation to clinch the top spot

Losing his mother to cancer four years ago, the 26-year-old has spent his days caring for his father

After the basketball player took home $ 10,000 in a Big Brother challenge earlier in the year, he took to Instagram to pay tribute to both of his parents

“You are the only reason I’m here The only reason I keep fighting during & day,” the 26-year-old wrote “I don’t even talk in this game, in life All I ever wanted to do is give you both the world, that’s it And I won’t stop until I I wouldn’t, I can promise you “

Knowing how her immigrant parents had struggled in the past, the flight attendant told Channel Seven that all she wanted was to “give back to her family” so that her mother can “live a stress-free life”

Sarah Jane had different reasons for being on the show, telling New Idea that she accepted the reality show in hopes of giving a voice to the voiceless

“These are the people who don’t necessarily have a voice – these are the people I stand up for and I am very proud to be there for these people”

Now that this is all over, it looks like Big Brother can close his watchful eyes and take some much-needed rest for now

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Who won Big Brother 2021, who won Big Brother 2021

Ebene News – AU – Big Brother 2021 winner REVEALED

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