Ebene News – EN – “I’ll take care of daddy:” Big Brother winner’s touching plan for money

After 63 days and 26 roommates, the public has chosen the winner of Big Brother 2021

After 63 days at home and 26 roommates, Marley walked away from the winning and richer $ 250,000 reality show

During the series, Marley opened up about his desire to support his father, following the devastating loss of his mother, and the 26-year-old was moved to hear that he had won the money for the do

“I’ll just take care of daddy, whatever he needs, and set him up,” he said

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In a live final, the last three Marleys, Christina Biyendolo and Sarah Jane Adams tracked down host Sonia Kruger who asked them why they deserved the winning vote

They were to be joined by 2,000 fans in the audience, but due to the lockdown in Sydney there were only Sonia and a handful of former roommates who could be at the finals

With the borders closed and the forced containment of several states, half of the former cast connected via video link and the audience was replaced with boxed applause

Sonia Kruger was joined on stage by Big Brother’s three best roommates Source: Chanel 7

Former professional basketball player Marley was a favorite to win and spoke often around the house about his motivation to advance to the final

After losing her mother Victoria to cancer four years ago, the disability support worker wanted to win the cash prize to help her father

“Mom gave me one thing to do and that was take care of daddy,” he said in his roommate’s reveal video. “I can hear his voice in my head telling me to go there and earn it all I’ll do anything to get to the end ”

“I wanted to play a real and honest game and show everyone that doing these things can make you successful in life

“I am so proud of the game I played, and I know my mom is proud of it”

Marley’s dad said he was so proud and had “no words” to describe standing on stage with him

“If I’m lucky enough to pull it out, I’ll sit down with my dad and see how much money he needs and how much will help save the business,” Marley explained

“All I ever wanted to do is change daddy’s life and make mum proud, and those two goals are so close”

Marley was the reason SJ qualified for the last three, and the 66-year-old jewelry designer intended to return the favor if she won

Throughout the season, Marley won three individual challenges and four group challenges, earning a bonus cash prize of $ 10,000 when he completed the reward challenge in week eight. He has been nominated five times for expulsion

Who won Big Brother 2021, who won Big Brother 2021

Ebene News – AU – “I’ll take care of daddy:” Big Brother winner’s touching plan to money

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