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Best-selling author Jackie Collins may have been called “Queen of Sleaze” by some literary critics because of her self-explanatory novels, but a new documentary explores her career in a new light – as a feminist icon

Collins, sister of actress Dame Joan, sold around half a billion pounds and published 32 novels in her lifetime, but they have been banned in some countries for their content

Lady Boss: The Jackie Collins Story, by director Laura Fairrie, looks back on the life of the London-born writer, whose works include bestsellers such as the Hollywood Wives of 1983

Collins died of cancer in 2015, but Fairrie had access to Jackie’s diaries and was able to interview the author’s three daughters as well as Dame Joan

“I was looking for another movie to do, and wanted to do it about a fabulous woman,” Fairrie explains

When she heard about a project on Jackie Collins, she simply said, “She was my sex education”

“We read them in math lessons hidden under desks, so I just had that connection to her since I was a teenager, it immediately gave me a really good glimpse of who she was”

She added: “I was interested in turning the tide and looking at the other side of the public story The character she created”

Collins was born in 1937 and her father was a show business agent.She started writing diaries at a young age, but her first novel, The World is Full of Married Men, was published in 1968, after the author left an unhappy first marriage

Collins then moved to Los Angeles and published a series of books on his favorite heroine, Lucky Santangelo, including Chances in 1981 and Lady Boss in 1990

His novel Hollywood Wives, which sold 15 million copies, was an explicit look at Tinseltown and represented the peak of his career in the 1980s

“When I spoke to Jackie’s friends in Hollywood they said when the book was published there was a line around the block of all the maids in uniform outside bookstores, “recalls Fairrie

“They had been sent to get the books by the real ‘Hollywood women’ who were going to browse them and see if they were there. They partly wanted to be there, but they were also afraid of it”

The documentary, which recently premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York City, examines how Collins would turn some of his private doom into a fantasy world with fiery heroines who knew how to get what they wanted It has won him millions of readers

“Hollywood, Los Angeles, it was the dream, it represented the fantasy, and Jackie was always chasing the fantasy,” says the director

“And I think that’s always a key part of understanding who she was and the books she wrote For her, reality was often not the most comfortable place

“So she wrote books that had these fantastic endings She would take a real situation and change the ending to whatever she wanted She was constantly turning the tide on men, she was constantly writing about women, characters like Lucky Santangelo, who were almost superhuman

Part of Jackie Collins’ feminism, Fairrie adds, stems from her own experiences in Hollywood when accompanying her sister Joan as a teenager

Later in her life, the author admitted that she had a brief affair with actor Marlon Brando when she was 15 and around 30

“Jackie had seen her sister Joan become incredibly successful from a young age, so she was looking for this for herself,” Fairrie says

“She was a wild teenage girl who wanted to go out and have these amazing adventures Joan explains in the movie that she just ditched her in Hollywood and let her go to all the parties with her and hung out with everything the world, from Brigitte Bardot to Marilyn Monroe and Marlon Brando And she wrote about it all in her diaries “

Fairrie said what she found most interesting about Jackie Collins was that despite her adventures, she also had experiences as a young woman that “maybe weren’t quite right. comfortable “on the casting couch,” at a time when women look and behave a certain way “

“And she put these stories in her books Disguise the names, disguise the places But the hard times are in the books, as well as the scandalous Hollywood stories”

“Her daughters told me ‘if only she were here to see this'” said Fairrie “I think she would have loved it this time around, because it almost looks like her brand of feminism, and her books, really have. a place in the world today

“Her feminism was about sexual desire, the freedom to live life the way you wanted, the freedom to choose the career you want, the men you want, the sex you want and not be judged for. that, and it’s really radical And in some ways it’s still pretty radical “

During the ’90s Collins was “much despised and criticized,” says Fairrie, who adds, “Today I think people can really celebrate her for the author she was and for the fact. that she lived her life true to herself “

Lady Boss: The Jackie Collins Story hits theaters across the UK and Ireland from July 2 BBC Talking Movies reporting on the Tribeca Film Festival and Lady Boss: The Jackie Collins Story are available at BBC iPlayer

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Ebene News – EN – The documentary Lady Boss redefines Jackie Collins as a feminist icon

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