Ebene News – FI – BBC viewers denounce “car accident” Interview with Helen Whately and Naga Munchetty: “Useless!”

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Helen Whately joined Naga Munchetty on BBC Breakfast to discuss the sheer volume of NHS nursing requests and procedures surrounding care home visits However, BBC viewers took to Twitter to slam the argument as that they expressed their frustration with the minister of care “ignoring the questions” of Munchetty

Munchetty began: “This increase we have seen is a 34% increase in applications for nursing courses in England What does that do for the numbers? Of course, the government aims to increase the number of nurses in the coming years “

“Well, that’s really good news We’ve seen demand for nursing courses increase by over a third to 50,000 people to start this fall, which is really a testament to people’s desire for health. ” move away from our health and social protection system “Whately

“We want and must increase the number of people working there, which includes our determination to have 50,000 more nurses in the NHS by the next legislature”

Interrupting, Munchetty said: “Just to be clear on that number, the 50,000 target which includes 19,000 nurses who will be retained through incentives”

“So in order to reach that number of nurses we want to increase the number of new nurses who start working So it’s the UK students who move on and get trained and of course to keep the great nurses we have. already ”, replied Whately

“Some nurses retire at the end of their careers, but some nurses don’t stay with the NHS and we really want more people to stay”

Munchetty asked: “Do you know in terms of applications what percentage is likely to be accepted?”

“So what we will do and this is what we did last year as well, is that we are working with universities and with the NHS organizations that offer internships for nurses to make sure we have as many places and internships as possible possible ”, replied the deputy

Interrupting Whately, Munchetty asked, “Sure, but I just wanted to know the percentage accepted from a pool of applicants”

“What I can say is that last year we accepted just over 29,000 nurses for nursing degrees and I want to continue in the years to come,” explained the Minister of Care

“We had a third fewer applications last year, so that’s around 34,000 who applied last year”

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“Can we talk about retirement homes?” Munchetty asked, advancing the interview, “Earlier this month a group of charities called for them to reopen for visitation from March 1, can that happen?”

“I really want to allow more visits to our care homes and just to be clear at this point we encourage care homes to allow visits, but they are limited You cannot have a normal interior visit for the moment, “Whately said” I really want to open retirement homes “

“There is no direct dependency like this, I want to make it clear that nursing homes have been at the top of the list for the vaccination program The visit will be step by step and when the visit returns normal, we will ask people to continue using PPE, ”explained Whately

BBC viewers weren’t impressed with the interview and one tweeted: “Helen Whately is on BBC Breakfast for the Government this morning Talk about ignoring questions”

“Helen Whately ‘Just to be clear’ back off? just not no no no spoiled my morning for the next hour please go away! #bbcbreakfast, ”said another

A third wrote: “The #bbcbreakfast timeline is full of people reporting the car crash that is Helen Whately or people who are racist towards Naga”

“This person on BBC Breakfast didn’t answer a single question Naga asked him,” suggested a fourth

Someone else said: “Oh my God, the unnecessary @Helen_Whately is on @BBCNews #BBCBreakfast This surge in nursing demands has nothing to do with the government”

However, other viewers felt that Munchetty was not giving Whately a chance to respond as one of them tweeted: “Another rude interview from a politician !! I’m really fed up with continually interrupting show some respect please #BBCBreakfast “

Another added: “It looks like @ TVNaga01’s mission on #BBCBreakfast is to interrupt as much as possible this morning!”

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Ebene News – FI – BBC viewers denounce “car accident” Interview with Helen Whately and Naga Munchetty: “Useless!”

Source: https://www.express.co.uk/showbiz/tv-radio/1399370/BBC-Breakfast-Helen-Whately-Naga-Munchetty-NHS-care-homes-video