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Posted: 08:10 GMT, February 18, 2021 | Update: 09:05 GMT, February 18, 2021

Couples were forced to spend every day together during the Covid-19 lockdown – and unsurprisingly, many are feeling the tension

Fortunately, relationship experts have shared their top tips for rekindling that romantic spark while the two of you are stuck at home

From sleeping in separate beds some nights and planning sex, watching a scary movie together, and even struggling to get adrenaline and arousal, it’s possible to even “ miss ” yourself when you’re together 24/7

Here, relationship counselors and psychotherapists offer advice to couples who are tired of seeing each other

Relationship coach Helen Snape and psychotherapist Matt Davies revealed their tips to help couples rekindle the spark and ‘miss’ each other during lockdown (stock image)

Most couples are used to spending time apart from each other, whether during the day at work, exercising, or spending time apart with friends

Relationship coach Helen Snape insists that creating a space between you and your partner to ‘miss’ you is just as important during lockdown as at any other time

She suggested sleeping in a separate bed a few nights a week and taking time for yourself, rather than just “ blobing ” with your partner

Helen explained, “ If we can work in separate rooms we just create space that way Or even if someone calls you on the phone take it somewhere else

‘Why not sleep in a separate bed a few nights a week to feel like you have come together?

‘While it can be nice to go out for a walk with your partner and exercise together, maybe you can do these things on your own and make time to do things on your own or with others. ‘other people – be it reading, meditation, yoga, whatever

‘It just means you remember where you ended and where you started It is so important for us to achieve our own individuality and autonomy so that we don’t blob with the other person’

Among the top tips, Helen advised couples to do activities, including watching a horror movie, to build adrenaline and create excitement and excitement (stock image)

Helen advised couples to rekindle the spark in their relationship by trying to recreate the feelings and experiences of the very beginning of their budding romance

She explained that a great way to do this is to create adrenaline to create excitement and excitement

Helen said: ‘When you’re in the excitement of a new relationship it all depends on that excitement and adrenaline so if we can recreate that then that excitement can be transferred to the relationship’

Uncertainty can make relationships fun and exciting, and playing games with your partner can be a sure way to rekindle the spark in your relationship

Matt suggested couples try wrestling with each other to rekindle some passion and allay any pent-up anger or frustration during the lockdown

He also suggested trying other fun and spontaneous activities, such as dancing and singing, for a couple laughs

And less active couples can also take advantage of Matt’s advice on playing traditional board games, like backgammon, to bring some gambling back into your relationship.

He explained, “ Couples who can play together will rekindle their spark The game can be the traditional board game, like backgammon, the male nine morris or chess, like in the exciting Queen’s Gambit series

‘Or it can be spontaneous dance to music in the kitchen Dancing is also energizing and a lot of fun Any kind of movement is dance, I’m not talking about the learned steps

She suggested that couples do this in an unusual way while watching a horror movie together

“Working out together at home or jogging together – or even watching a horror movie, it all just builds the adrenaline and reminds you,” Oh, actually, I love it. this person “, she explained

But psychotherapist Matt Davies (wwwmattdaviesorg) argues that this is a common misconception and insists that planning a night of passion with your partner drives the mind ‘crazy with anticipation’ ‘

‘The brain is the most erotic organ Therefore, looking forward to something is vitally important to keep the mind focused,’ ‘he explained

‘We call it’ simmering ‘when you are planning a night of passion with your partner that is scheduled and in the newspaper

‘Your imagination is the key to the’ thrill ‘when you generate excitement by imagining and going through things you can’t wait to do

‘Contrary to popular belief, planning does not lead to boredom It means the body can relax and the mind can run wild with’ quivering ‘anticipation and excitement’

The more couples are together, the more likely they are to feel comfortable in their love affair and forget to invest time in their relationship

But Helen recommends that couples try to recreate the feelings and experiences of first meeting their partner to rekindle that excitement

The relationship coach urged people to leave adorable love notes in their partner’s underwear drawer or buy them a small gift as a surprise

She said: ‘It’s normal in any relationship, for this period of initial infatuation, fantasies and lust, to die out a bit as you become a type of love and intimacy. more mature

‘I think it’s normal, and it’s been exacerbated in the lockdown when we spend so much more time with each other But there are definitely things we can do to rekindle that spark’

Helen continued, “ Go back to your first meeting and remember what the relationship was like

‘Things like surprising yourself, which will mimic that emotional state you feel when you are in a new relationship

“Even when locked out, we can give our partner a little gift just because!” We can write them a love note and hide it in their underwear drawer for them to find, Or we could ask for a song to be played on the radio for them These are the little things’

Relationship counselor Matt insists on planning “a night of passion” with your partner, then lingering on will drive the mind “crazy with anticipation” (stock image)

Relationship counselor Emma Davey, founder of MyTraumaTherapycom, urged couples to set aside time to be romantic

She recommended setting date nights to make it different from other locked out days, suggesting a romantic meal or a luxurious bath

She continued: ‘Be spontaneous, just because we’re stuck it doesn’t mean we can’t be romantic yet Book an evening with a good movie and something special to eat

‘Make it a date night to remember by making it exciting and different from other closing days Maybe end with a bath with candles

‘As much as we would all love to go out and have a snack and dinner, it just isn’t possible, but that doesn’t mean the romance is called off; we just have to think differently ‘

The well-known phrase ‘opposites attract’ couldn’t be truer during the lockdown, as Matt advised couples to challenge each other and take risks in conversations

He explained that while couples often worry about their differences, they can actually lead to experimentation in the bedroom and open up new possibilities

The marriage counselor continued, “ Often couples worry when they think they are too different from each other This fear often means they are trying to merge and get along on everything

‘But erotica depends on whether you and your partner are different enough to create a change between you.This can mean taking risks in conversations, from politics to personal

‘If you depend on your partner’s approval, expressing your opinions, if you know they are different from your partner’s, can seem scary The flip side is the ability to be curious about different points view of your partner without being annoyed or defensive

‘When you both feel safe and appreciated for your differences, you can explore more intimate territory such as your deepest feelings, sexual thoughts and fantasies. This can lead to experimentation in the bedroom. bedtime, opening up new ways to wake up and have fun ‘

People have become comfortable and spend each day wearing the same old loungewear when working from home and not seeing anyone outside their home But Matt urged couples to remember their personal hygiene and their cleanliness while locking to keep the romance alive

He said: ‘It is vitally important in these times of lockdown to keep abreast of cleanliness and personal hygieneIt’s so easy to dress everyday in the same old sweatpants when you’re on Zoom all day and only see it from the waistline

On the topic of dress up, Matt also advised people to spice up their sex lives using fantasy and role play, as well as trying other new and exciting things.

He continued, ‘Pay attention and see if you can define your sexual style and practice a different approach. Are you aroused focusing your visual and aesthetic senses on your partner during sex?

If so, practice turning your attention inside yourself and focus on your inner feelings and sensations You can turn off the lights and have sex in the dark if you usually have the lights on Or practice using fantasy and role play ‘

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Ebene News – FI – Experts reveal how to ‘miss’ your partner during lockdown

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