Ebene News – FI – How to Create and Share Your Top 9 Instagram Posts of 2020

In this digital age, the end of the year remains a great time for reflection – only now can we get virtual assistance to help us remember which were the best games of the last 12 months

Instagram’s Top 9 is perhaps the most well-known year-end sweep tradition, in which people use technology to see which of their Instagram posts have gotten the most likes over the past year. ‘past year, then share that data as a grid

While the practice of posting screenshots of reports to one’s Insta profile is a dated practice from the ‘old days’, as Mashable puts it, the last few days of the past few years have still seen many posted. on Instagram Stories

Want to know how to create your own Top 9? Here’s how to get there before the ringing of the new year

These two free sites are only for determining and formatting your most popular posts Top Nine is available as both a website and an app, the latter not requiring a Best Nine email address – which can only be used for public accounts – is only a site and works much slower (“Please note that now it takes about 10 minutes to process your request due to huge demand”, the site warns )

Top Nine offers a “Save & Share” button to easily publish the grid-based report to your Instagram story For those who prefer to upload it manually, simply save or capture the image to your phone’s camera roll, then open Instagram and upload the image to a story

Voila! While 2020 probably hasn’t been the most photogenic year in lived memory for many, we’ve been through it and it’s worth recalling the highlights nonetheless (and perhaps leaving the weak spots behind).

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The nine best Instagrams, the top nine

Ebene News – FI – How to create and share your 9 best Instagram posts of 2020

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