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Rejoice, 2020 is finally drawing to a close! This really tough year, many of us have adapted to working from home, perfecting the Zoom-call look and becoming a chef overnight via sourdough.

And while it’s been a year many of us would love to forget, a lot of people still documented their days on Instagram I mean, raise your hand if you’ve also shared more photos of your pets. , or if you put your puzzle skills to your followers, or showed the & Boxed Macaroni and Cheese that you managed to cook?

While some people’s best Instagram posts in 2020 may look a lot different from the best posts of years gone by (#quarantine #pandemiclife), it’s always fun to look back and reflect on photos from the year of the pandemic approaching 2021 Below are some very easy ways to get your best Instagram posts of 2020

One way to create your Top Nine Instagram collage is to use the Best Nine app Open the app and click “Start” You will be prompted to select “Top Nine”, “By Year” and “2020” L the application will generate the collage and you can change the order of the mosaics or adjust the zoom of the image Once you are satisfied, click “Next” and then “Share” when prompted to post on Instagram The Best Nine App is available in the App Store and Google Play

The Top Nine app is also available for Apple and Android phones This app uses algorithms to determine your best posts It also takes into account factors such as “number of likes, number and content of comments”

To create your collage using this app you will need to enter your Instagram nickname and confirm your email address The collage will then appear on your screen and you will receive an email with the collage, as well as a option to upload it to your phone’s photo gallery and share it on Instagram

The Top Nine app also offers video service, so you can also include your favorite movies from your Instagram 2020 feed

If you don’t want to download an app to discover your nine best Instagram posts, simply go to https: // creatorkitcom / top-nine-best-of-2020 / There, enter your Instagram username and e-mail address. -mail (the latter is optional, so that the collage is automatically emailed to you) and wait for the Top Nine message to generate

All of these apps and websites could potentially generate different collage options and formats to share, so you might as well try them out before you showcase the best 2020 that your Instagram profile can provide.

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Ebene News – FI – How to get your nine best Instagram posts for 2020

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