Ebene News – GB – 3-star Paddington Hugh Bonneville on Downton Abbey sequel ‘this year’

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Bonneville has found itself at the heart of two of the UK’s biggest film franchises with fantastic news for fans of both Earlier this week it was reported that plans for Paddington 3 were in the works. in a quintessentially British way, the actor himself told Zoe Ball that there was “forward momentum” and the film was “somewhere on the horizon” He promoted his new movie, To Olivia, but everyone has asked her about the impending return to Downton

On tonight’s Graham Norton Show, Bonneville talks about the emotional power of To Livia, which tells the heartbreaking tale of author Roald Dahl’s daughter Olivia dying as a child.

The actor says: “It’s about heartbreak and the extraordinary pain of losing a child. It doesn’t sound very cheerful at first, but it’s actually a very positive story”

He adds how a “happy” movie like Downton Abbey 2 is exactly what the nation needs right now

Bonneville says: “We would love to do that and there is a big intention, but a little thing called Coronavirus continues to bother us

“It would be great to think that this year the cameras would roll because a cheerful Downton-type movie would be very welcome in theaters when they reopen

“There is a script, but not all of the ducks are in a row yet – they certainly aren’t in the pond!”

His Downton co-star Jim Parsons has also teased what he’s seen in the script so far

Parsons, who plays the butler M Carson said: “The script for a second movie is there, we’ve seen it. It’s very funny, it’s all the same characters, all the normal characters”

This is certainly fueling concerns that the Dowager Countess, played by Maggie Smith, could be killed before the film begins Downton’s creator Julian Fellowes had some very strong words on the matter

In the first movie, Violet confessed that she was dying of a terminal illness and that she might only have months to live

Fellowes asked The Express if Smith would return as the next film and if Violet would even survive long enough to be a part of the onscreen action

He said: “She is not doing very well, but she is not dead There is no indication that she will die anytime soon”

This is great news for all fans of Violet’s wacky comments and ongoing banter with Penelope Wilton’s Isobel Crawley

However, it looks like actress Smith is just as great as her character and may in fact be the person who has the final say on the Dowager’s return.

Fellowes added: “Of course we also have to see if Maggie wants to survive her current situation or not”

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Ebene News – GB – Paddington 3 stars Hugh Bonneville on Downton Abbey sequel “This Year”

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