Ebene News – GB – Ancelotti facing questions from midfielder as Anfield plan for success is clear

Part 2 of our latest Michael Ball column looks at the rotation of Carlo Ancelotti’s Everton squad and features Saturday’s Merseyside derby with Liverpool

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I fully understand why Carlo Ancelotti chose to make more changes to his starting lineup for the match against Fulham

Entering the game, it made sense for me to turn to the back because I didn’t think there was someone powerful enough upstairs to hurt us and take the behind


But the way we settled down, the fact that we were so deep and the midfielder had never put pressure on their midfielder meant that questions started to be asked

But to be fair to Carlo Ancelotti, until the last two or three games, his backline rotation really worked for us

Personally, I think Ben Godfrey gave his manager a huge headache by coming to the side and doing so well

I think before that Carlo had a clear idea of ​​who was going to be his first choice

But Ben Godfrey’s performances were so good that they put pressure on Carlo to find him a place alongside him

As a result, he’s probably given some thought to who he should leave out, and it has undoubtedly been a very difficult decision for him

But that’s why he was brought to the football club, to make these big decisions about who should play and where

However, I don’t think the full backs are the problem, I think it’s the midfield, where we are always trying to find a form that works for us

We’ve got the right mix in the last four games, but I don’t think Mason Holgate is a right-back and has been caught off guard in the last two one-on-one games.

But no matter who plays it, whether it’s Holgate, Ben Godfrey or Seamus Coleman, they have to do the basics

They have to stop crosses because in the last three games we have been injured by crosses that come in too easily, without pressure or will to stop them

The opposition is getting wise now and when looking for ways to hurt Everton, the crosses and coins in the box have become evident

I don’t really have a problem with who Carlo chooses to start with at the back as long as they do the basics

My big problem the minute is in the middle of the field Who will play in number 10? Who will play role number six?

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In the run-up to this Saturday’s Merseyside derby, it’s hard to call because we just don’t know what Everton’s side will be up against

We’ve been waiting a long time to have one over our rivals at Anfield, and there is no doubt that it will be a huge test and a really tough game for us

Liverpool’s forward play is still amazing and it may not click right now, but in the majority of their games this season they have played well

It’s only in recent weeks, when they’re under pressure, that they’ve conceded and then wavered. We need to learn from that and see if we can do the same

Carlo’s question mark for his team is who up front and who in midfield can start to put pressure on their full four backs?

We know about Liverpool’s problems right now, but for us it is whether we can exploit them and who will be the right staff to do it?

But it’s a huge opportunity for Everton to write a new piece of history and write this year 1999

We have seen Everton perform this season and we hope Carlo can find the right solution to put smiles on Evertonians’ faces on Saturday night

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Ebene News – GB – Ancelotti facing questions from the midfielder as the Anfield’s success plan is clear

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