Ebene News – GB – Andre Ayew delighted with Swansea City ‘fortuitous’ victory over Nottingham Forest

Swansea City forward Andre Dede Ayew is delighted with his win over Nottingham Forest in the Championship on Wednesday
Army Jack restored their grip on Championship third place after Connor Roberts’ lead against Nottingham Forest
Forest were the better team and would have felt hit hard if the game ended in a goalless draw
But it was Steve Cooper’s men who rode for final glory as Roberts’ towering effort won her over for the three minutes of time.
Swansea remains firmly in the race for automatic promotion, while Forest drops one place to 18th
Ayew, who once again played full blast for the Welsh side in the match, couldn’t hide his excitement over the result although he admits it was accidental
“It’s not the best of games but a great win today The team effort was exceptional Connor and the auctions love it from my brotherwe continue! YJB ”
Ayew has played 27 times in the league and has scored 9 goals and 2 assists

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Ebene News – GB – Andre Ayew is delighted with Swansea City’s ‘fortuitous’ victory over Nottingham forest

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