Ebene News – GB – Announcement of New Year’s Honors Recipients

Archivist of Gibraltar, Anthony Pitaluga, will be a member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (MBE) for services to the History and Culture of Gibraltar Appointed to his current post in 2014, M Pitaluga is also head of the National Archives of Gibraltar and keeper of the National Register

The career of M Pitaluga has spanned almost four decades, the magnum opus of which could very well have been last year’s exhibit celebrating the National Archives’ 50th anniversary – and 1,300 years of rock history

Years of planning and months of preparation culminated in the curation of an exhibition that brought together the many threads of Gibraltar’s history in an unprecedented way

M Pitaluga is one of four Gibraltarians recognized in this year’s New Year’s Honors list, with His Excellency the Governor also awarding the Gibraltar Awards (GA) to the following:

Ian balestrino
for heritage promotion services in Gibraltar

Until recently, the Chairman of the Heritage Trust, Mr. Balestrino, has, over the years, lobbied for the preservation of historic architecture His influence contributed to the conversion of the old naval hospital and the police barracks into modern facilities & Residences which still retain a large part of their original design

M Balestrino would understand the need for progress while still striving to preserve heritage value, believing that we should ‘revitalize and reuse’ where possible, thus strengthening the links between past, present and future. p>

Sandra Netto and Nathan Lightbody
for health care services in Gibraltar

Nathan Lightbody and Sandra Netto were recognized for their work during a year that has been a unique challenge for healthcare professionals, both being at the forefront of GHA’s efforts in 2020

From assessing suspected cases and swabbing, to advice on healthcare and infection control, Mr. Lightbody and Ms Netto have been key figures at all levels in the fight against Covid-19

As nurse practitioners in infection prevention and control, both have been heavily involved in epidemic management and in the development of the & protocol guidelines that have shaped Gibraltar’s response to the pandemic; their efforts to prevent and control the spread of infection always motivated by the desire to protect the citizens of the Rock

New Year’s Honors, Gibraltar, Order of the British Empire

Ebene News – GB – New Year’s Honors Recipients Announced

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