Ebene News – GB – Apple Updates and Releases New Emoji and Memoji to Be More Inclusive

The Apple team has been working hard to create new emoji and update existing ones for the next version of the software later this spring.With the new emojis, there is a great excitement because everyone has their favorite and most used icon

According to Apple, the set of new emoji will have different skin tones, gender neutral themes, disability themes, and they will also address current social issues, such as the political movement and such Black Lives Matter. With the new software update, you will also find that almost all emoji are more detailed and larger in appearance

Specific updates to be released later this spring include the Holding Hands emoji This icon is typically used to represent couples and relationships and now the new update will feature it with 75 possible combinations that include different skin tones and gender In addition to these, the woman, man, and person with beard are all new emoji and also have various skin tone options.

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Part of this update includes new yellow smileys that include exhaling face, face with spiral eyes, face in the clouds The other new emoji are heart on fire and heart repairing Another fun detailed update will be the headset emoji which will soon feature the AirPods Max

Apple has also worked with the American Council of the Blind, the Cerebral Palsy Foundation, and the National Association of the Deaf to create a disability-themed emoji that includes a guide dog, an ear with hearing aid, wheelchairs, an arm prosthesis and a prosthetic leg

If you thought that was enough, Apple was also careful to change the already existing smiling medical mask emoji to now smile under the mask – an emoji that could be one of our favorite and most used ones.

Keep in mind that if you want to improve your emoji game with Memoji, in the iOS version 14 of September, Apple has introduced new hairstyles such as a man bun, waves and fades as well as face masks and headgear options like a tichel, durag, cycling helmet, nurse cap, etc.

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Ebene News – EN – Apple updates and releases new emoji and Memoji to be more inclusive

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