Ebene News – GB – Bolton boss Evatt at Mansfield, off-pitch appointments and latest injury

The Trotters boss has his say in the third attempt to play the Ligue 2 game at One Call Stadium

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The Bolton Wanderers return to action in Ligue 2 tomorrow when they face Mansfield Town on the road

The Trotters are three games unbeaten at the moment and aim to make four against the Stags

The clash at One Call Stadium has already been called off twice due to frozen or waterlogged ground in Nottinghamshire

And the Wanderers will travel to the East Midlands again in the hopes of starting the game and coming away with a positive result

Ahead of the game, Wanderers manager Ian Evatt spoke to the media at a pre-match press conference and here’s what he had to say on a variety of topics

What’s your take on the two off-pitch appointments, with Scott Lindsay as the club’s CFO and Chris Markham as technical performance director?

“I have said many times in the media that we are trying to grow as a football club and recruit the right people in the right roles and do the right jobs Scott, I am going to meet for the first time today ‘hui, this is really a board appointment

“My relationship with the board is great so if they think he’s the right character and the right person for the job I totally agree with that With Chris I got a bit more my say to be honest

“I recommended Chris to the board Chris is someone who obviously had a fantastic career and being a young man he really did a lot in the game

“He’s been at Huddersfield for eight years, they progressed really well, been in touch and in touch with a lot of their managers, from the modern coach, the Wagners, to the former coaches of Lee Clark and then are went to the FA and worked with the England first team

“He’s worked with England of all ages and has a lot of skills and the way the game is playing right now and the way the game is moving, he brings a lot to the table and a bit of everything really. p>

“He’s great with data, great analyst, great with recruiting, so he’ll be a big help moving forward”

“Maybe yeah, but I think we have a clear and direct vision for the future of this football club, I’ve said it a lot and been sold this dream by Sharon (Brittan) and the board of directors when I join

“We are all aligned with our vision and this is only the beginning It was important that we start to build a structure that will see the success of the Bolton Wanderers, not only in the current period, but also in the future

“We are just keepers, the board and I are all of the same opinion in that what we want to do is leave a legacy behind us and this club can build the foundations and success for the future for many years to come I think we are starting to move forward on this path now and progress is being made “

You have four games in 10 or 11 days – does that change the selection process in your mind?

“Yes, obviously with four games in a short period of time we don’t know what we’re going to recover in terms of injuries

“But luckily for me, I now have a competitive team and a team where I am able to shoot without really losing quality on the pitch. It’s competitive and the team will change”

“I think so I think what it did has lifted everyone’s spirits Players see better players entering the building, my mind knows I have better players to pick and choose from , and I think the fans and supporters also see that we have better players at our disposal

“In turn, the results of the last two weeks have improved. It’s no coincidence, just because we have more options and better players at our disposal, but the challenge now is to really start because I have said it many times, I always feel there is an opportunity

“I told the players today we were just doing a simple passing drill and they were just a yard and a little sloppy and I got down on them like a ton of bricks because we can ‘ I have no more days off

“We lost that freedom being poor at the start of the season and every game counts now, so we can’t have a day off We have to go to war, make sure we perform at our best every day in practice and every game we play because we didn’t have time and we have to hit the ground running and make it happen now “

“As soon as I said that the players nodded, they all got it, then all of a sudden the training was fantastic and people really showed me what they can do

“But it’s just amazing that what the manager raising his voice could do I would prefer that she didn’t get to this point or that they were running it themselves and demanding each other the excellence

“We have a few great people in the group whose spirit at camp has improved 10 times over the past two weeks, so we’re going in the right direction, but we have a lot, a lot of work to do.

“You could have easily hit repeat during the last two interviews we did about them. It will be a tough game and a tough game

“We’re going to have to go out there and make sure we’re there from the first minute. Obviously I’ve said before that Nigel is a great motivator, just like his dad, and that they will be extremely motivated to fight us, especially with a little shenanigans in the press

“But we’re also motivated and we want to make sure we go out there and focus on ourselves and really implement our game plan and the way we play it.

“This is really great Everything’s fine Sarce is back on the grass, he probably won’t be available this week but certainly next week Kieran Lee is back available for tomorrow

“We hope with the call with MJ and I saw Dennis Politic come back to the grass today which is wonderful to see him run and work with the ball Harry Brockbank has progressed well and he will be back this week, so suddenly we are really spoiled for wealth

“It gives me a bit of difficulty with the selection, but I would rather it be that way than not have options like it was the case earlier in the season”

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“He was literally coming out of his forties, although he probably has a gym in his east wing, it would have been difficult for him to train at the level we need for 10 days, so it’s important that we did not do it I’m not just sending it back to the depths

“We gave him training to rebuild himself, but he’s available tomorrow night George and MJ before dispatch were excellent anyway”

You must be happy to have the options available rather than having to scramble and find all the players you can to fill a position?

“Any manager is as good as the players really and the players really choose themselves. Earlier in the season we didn’t have the options for change and rotation but now we have what is positive, but that does not guarantee us results

“Hard work, dedication and relentless mentality gives us results and quality because of it We have quality in abundance now, but we want people to grab the jerseys with both hands and keep them because s ‘they don’t, there are players right behind them ready to take their place “

“I hope he will say it again, but it’s something that we work on a lot in training, is getting us and the full-backs into the attacking zones

“I actually thought it was a penalty right before kick-off so hopefully we got it but I don’t know The way we make decisions by the minute, probably not , but the facts are that Declan John hit a fantastic strike with his supposedly weaker foot and got us the goal and a first goal that we haven’t had too many times this season

“But Declan, as well as Marcus, as well as Dapo, as well as Kieran, as well as MJ, will all improve with playing time We are probably seeing them at their worst at the moment because they are not perfectly suited, but when they are, you will see the quality they possess and will bring to the team “

It seems increasingly likely that the fans won’t be allowed to return to the pitch this season, which is a shame as they would be very supportive of the way the team is playing right now?

“Yes, I hope so. It’s a huge frustration on my part that I haven’t seen or met them yet, but it was probably also beneficial to me with the bad runs we did earlier in the day. season, otherwise I would wear earplugs I guess!

“But we have time to pull ourselves together I think that’s the most important thing We’ve had a pretty rough hand, all of us, fans included this season, with what’s happened and what’s going on. ‘happened

“But we have spent too much time looking into the past It’s about the future now and what this club does both on and off the pitch and there is a lot to look forward to – the spirit on and off the pitch has changed dramatically during my time here and the last two weeks have really gone overboard this feeling

Mansfield has drawn in his last two games, but he hasn’t lost in two months either – how do you feel about getting there?

“We will try to win the match We don’t have time to think about the draws, to think about not being beaten, to think about having a day off

“We have to make sure that we approach each game thoroughly and try to win each game We have the players and the skills to beat everyone in this league

“It’s not ego, it’s not arrogance I strongly believe that and if we can perform at the level that I know we can then I want us to get a result there tomorrow “

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Ebene News – GB – Bolton boss Evatt at Mansfield meet off the field and last injury

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