Ebene News – GB – Boris Johnson jokes about OJ Simpson as he struggles to adjust gloves

Boris Johnson made a joke about the OJ Simpson trial as he struggled to put on a pair of surgical gloves during a visit to a coronavirus vaccination center in Wales

A microphone surprised the Prime Minister in reference to the infamous moment in the 1995 murder trial when a glove was found unsuitable for the former American football star

“Got it, got it, got it,” M said Johnson, as he wrestled with a blue latex glove “It’s like OJ Simpson!”

The nurse helping M Johnson at the Cwmbran vaccination site was heard politely say “absolutely” during the awkward moment, after apologizing for giving her “the smallest gloves”

Simpson was acquitted of the murder of his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goodman, but a US civil court jury later found him responsible and he was ordered to pay $ 335m (£ 25m) damage

A crucial part of Simpson’s defense was the claim that he couldn’t get his hands in black leather gloves found at the scene of the murder, having struggled to put the gloves on in a scene from dramatic hearing “If it doesn’t suit you, you have to acquit,” said his lawyer Johnnie Cochran

This is not the first time that M Johnson stirs controversy during trips to healthcare facilities during pandemic

Last March, he was criticized for saying he “shook everyone’s hands” during a hospital visit – despite scientific advice warning against welcoming

The Prime Minister said on Wednesday that the easing of current restrictions in England would be based on a ‘cautious and cautious approach’, signaling that pubs and restaurants will be among the last sectors of the economy to emerge from the lockdown

Speaking from a mass vaccination center at Cwmbran Stadium in South Wales, he also said decentralization had ‘absolutely not’ been a disaster for constituent parts of the UK

It follows comments he allegedly made to Tory MPs about Scotland When asked if he viewed decentralization as a ‘disaster’, Mr. Johnson replied: “Certainly not overall Absolutely not

“I speak as a proud recipient of devolution when I was running London I was very proud to do things that made a real difference for my constituents and my electorate, improving the quality of life”

He said talks will continue with Welsh Prime Minister Mark Drakeford and other decentralized countries over whether the UK will exit the lockdown at the same time Prime Minister said it was ‘encouraging’ that Covid infections appear to be spreading across the UK

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Ebene News – GB – Boris Johnson jokes about OJ Simpson as he struggles to get his gloves in shape

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