Ebene News – GB – BREAKING: Greater Manchester goes to level 4

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The Health Secretary today (Wednesday) announced the region’s move to the toughest package

Matt Hancock addressed the House of Commons this afternoon to announce changes to local restrictions as infection rates continue to rise across England

Level 4 is currently the most difficult level and includes the closure of closed non-essential stores and stricter rules on social diversity

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The latest announcement will also see Lancashire, Cheshire, Warrington, North East, Nottingham, Birmingham, Leicestershire and Lincolnshire join Greater Manchester to go from level 3 to level 4

Addressing the Commons, Matt Hancock said: “The sharp rise in cases and the hospitalizations that follow demonstrate the need to act where the virus is spreading”

The health secretary told MEPs that the majority of new cases registered yesterday “would be the new variant”

M Hancock added: “Unfortunately this new variant is now spreading to most of England and cases are rapidly doubling

“It is therefore necessary to apply level 4 measures to a wider area, including the remaining parts of the south-east, as well as large parts of the Midlands, the north-west, the north-east and the southwest “

Greater Manchester entered Tier 3 after the country emerged from nationwide lockdown earlier this month and stayed there for four weeks

However, coronavirus infection rates have started to rise again in many of the region’s ten boroughs

The latest data from Public Health England for the week ending December 25 shows the average rate for Greater Mancherster is now 1909 per 100,000 population

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has pledged to review the tier system every fortnight, and the government will relocate areas depending on how it deals with the virus

The latest announcement follows growing pressure from scientists and experts, who have warned that tougher measures are needed to control the spread of the virus

Dr Susan Hopkins, Senior Medical Advisor at Public Health England, said ‘unprecedented levels’ of Covid-19 infection in the UK were ‘extremely worrying’

While Professor Andrew Hayward, of the Government’s Advisory Group on New and Emerging Respiratory Virus Threats (Nervtag), said widespread level 4 or higher restrictions would likely be needed as the country heads towards a “ quasi-locking ”

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Ebene News – FR – BREAKING: Greater Manchester goes to level 4

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