Ebene News – GB – British backpacker killer Grace Millane finally unmasked

Jesse Kempson can now be revealed as the evil brute who murdered the 22-year-old in New Zealand in 2018

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The psychopath who killed British backpacker Grace Millane in New Zealand can now be unmasked as it appeared he had raped another tourist eight months earlier

Kiwi sex beast Jesse Kempson was finally revealed as the killer after the New Zealand Supreme Court lifted an order preventing his identification

In carbon copy crime, beefy Kempson found his first victim, then 21, on Tinder, drunk her, and returned her to his motel room

But when she rejected his advances after he brought her dinner and, in her own words, “treated her like a princess”, an angry Kempson raped her while she was lying on the bed crying and frozen with fear

The Mirror shared how she kept the 2018 attack a secret until she recognized the bully, now 28, thanks to media coverage the day he was charged with the murder de Grace in December and went straight to the police

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In a statement read to the court upon conviction, the victim said for a long time that she woke up “crying and screaming” with flashbacks and nightmares, terrified that Kempson would find her.

“Every time I fell asleep I saw your eyes pop out of your head, looking at me angrily,” she said

In February, Kempson was jailed for at least 17 years for the murder of the British tourist

He claimed Ms Millane, who was from Wickford in Essex, accidentally died after the couple engaged in brutal sex that went too far

Murder usually comes with a life sentence in New Zealand Prosecutors have successfully argued that Kempson had to serve 17 years before becoming eligible for parole

During sentencing, Judge Simon Moore told Kempson that his actions amounted to “conduct which underscores a lack of empathy and a sense of self-righteousness and objectification”

Kempson faced two more violent sex offense lawsuits against two other women, this can now also be revealed

Kempson had avoided rape and eight other charges of sexual and other violence against a former girlfriend heard in connection with his murder trial

Instead, in two separate trials he chose to be tried by judges sitting without a jury but was sentenced each time

In the other trial, he was found guilty of terrorizing his girlfriend for several months

He subjected her to violent assault, threatened her with a butcher’s knife and forced her to commit humiliating sex acts after telling her he was sent by the CIA to kill her

Kempson has now been sentenced to a total of 11 years in prison for the two recent trials, to serve alongside the minimum 17-year sentence for Grace’s murder, but plans to appeal the two new convictions

Details of the two new cases and their links to Grace Millane’s death can only be released now after Kempson fails in an attempt to overturn his murder conviction and sentence in the New Court of Appeal -Zeeland

Their ruling, released on Friday, and a final Supreme Court ruling today, allowed New Zealand media to finally reveal Kempson’s identity, more than two years after Grace died in the chamber hotel of the twisted killer in Auckland the night before her 22nd birthday

In a statement, the Millane family said: “As a family, we don’t think about him and say his name”

Grace Millane

Ebene News – GB – British backpacker killer Grace Millane finally unmasked

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