Ebene News – GB – British Empire Medal awarded to Banff businessman

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Banff businessman received British Empire Medal in Queen’s New Year’s Honors List for work he did to support the community during the coronavirus pandemic

Des Cheyne (47), owner of the city’s Spotty Bag Shop, receives the distinction for the wealth of the assistance he provided to the region during the Covid-19 intervention

M Cheyne said he was shocked to learn that he was going to receive the British Empire Medal and that helping the community would have been impossible without the support of his staff

He added: “I was stunned when I heard I was to receive it, I was speechless

“It’s great to be recognized but it was never intended. We wanted to help the people in the community who have supported us over the years

“The reason we did this is because we’ve always been fortunate to have the support of the local community and people further afield

“The staff also recognized this and without them we would not have been able to achieve it

“Over the past year we felt that due to the challenges people were facing, we were going to put our efforts into supporting this, and in the coming year also with the way things are are happening “

During the coronavirus crisis, M Cheyne has provided free goods to charities, maintained essential supplies, and found imaginative ways to make essentials available to vulnerable people.

Responding to the need for widespread home schooling, in March of this year he worked with Banff Academy staff to provide stationery bags for families with limited resources

He provided a similar service to parents of local elementary school children through Macduff Parish Church

Her generosity extended to donations to local food banks and the assembly of packs of essential hygiene items for the elderly

Throughout the Covid-19 crisis, he worked to maintain the supply of essentials such as hand sanitizer, disposable gloves and toilet rolls

To help customers with their purchases, the innovative approach to the store layout meant that they were available in a location that ensured vulnerable people had minimal time spent in a public place

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During the first phase of the crisis, he introduced rationing of these items so that everyone could

He added: “We were making an average of 80-100 deliveries a day and on top of that we were trying to find supplies to replenish stock levels for the products people needed.

“The community came together and there were also other businesses and individuals who also helped throughout They all contributed massively to the local community”

M Cheyne has transformed the boutique into a business that attracts customers from a wide region and makes a significant contribution to the local economy

It has won awards for employing staff with learning disabilities, as well as the Custom Retailer of the Year award at the Scottish Independent Retail Awards and Best Family Retailer / Store at the Aberdeenshire Raring2Go awards

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Ebene News – GB – British Empire Medal awarded to businessman from Banff

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