Ebene News – GB – Carter on O’Sullivan Apology Mystery: “ I usually know what I’m saying ”

Ali Carter and Ronnie O’Sullivan will renew their old rivalry in the Welsh Open quarter-finals on Friday, a friction that was intensified by a mysterious and controversial apology

The couple have known each other for decades and have long been rivals on the table, but their relationship has taken a funny turn in recent years

The spark, and it was a pretty big spark in the serene world of snooker, came at the 2018 World Championships when players got into a fight and contact was made in what has been dubbed ‘ Bargegate ” but was really the slightest contact between the shoulders of the players

It made a lot of noise as Carter beat the rocket to the crucible, but the captain played down the feud a year later, saying Ronnie had apologized and it was all behind them

“I told him a lot about it, actually there is no hard feelings, it was the heat of the moment,” Carter said after qualifying for the 2019 World Championship “I haven’t been the most attached to Ronnie over the years, but I have the greatest respect for him as a player and what gave me the most respect for him was in the championship British, at the hotel when I had breakfast

‘It was a few months later and he came to see me, he didn’t need to talk to me, and he came and said, “Ali, I just want to apologize and there is has no hard feelings “and he shook my hand So I said to myself” hats off to man “, and he looked me straight in the eye when he said it and he meant it. is water under the bridge and he’s a good guy “

It seemed like the end of it, but O’Sullivan brought up the incident in November 2020 and said he had in fact not apologized, but simply tried to put the shock behind him

“I didn’t apologize to Ali,” Ronnie told WST. “I just said, ‘Look, let’s move on, let’s not hold any hard feelings about this’

“I still think I was right, so the apologies they say I made are definitely not apologies More like, ‘let’s move on, that was what it was and it doesn’t really matter I have to see you around tournaments, you have to see me, we might as well say hello, so let’s break the ice “”

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Carter has now responded to this statement from O’Sullivan, acknowledging that it is now a direct choice between believing his version of Ronnie’s events.

The captain suggests he is the more reliable source of the two because, “I usually know what I say on a daily basis”

“It really doesn’t make a difference in my life, whether he apologizes or if he didn’t, I don’t care, whatever makes him happy

“But, I’m not going to make it up Someone is making it up and it’s me or him, so take your pick and I usually know what I’m saying day to day But, maybe I was wrong? It’s a mystery “

O’Sullivan was less inclined to comment, now he seems keen to put the whole incident in the past

“I don’t really want to get involved in anything like that, to be honest with you,” he said “Sometimes I prefer to keep my side of the street clean, try to m ‘rise above

“As far as I’m concerned it’s history, water under the bridge, try to focus on the positive things”

Carter reached the quarter-finals after two superb wins on Thursday against John Higgins and Mark Allen, while O’Sullivan beat Martin Gould and Zhou Yuelong

The atmosphere will likely be cordial when they play Friday in Newport, but you can never be quite sure when these two meet

Ali, for his part, is delighted to face his old nemesis again, saying: “It should be a good game, I can’t wait to play it

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Ebene News – GB – Carter on the mystery of the O’Sullivan apology: ‘I usually know what I’m saying’

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