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The new series begins with a race against time for Barnsley brothers Rob and Dave Nicholson as they attempt to catch their wayward roosters before an outbreak of bird flu forces them to lock up chickens The guys are on a mission, too. to find out if their alpacas are pregnant, but rather than calling the vet, they decide to use a less scientific method involving a lot of spit JB Gill visits a dairy farm in Lincolnshire to meet the cows that live a life of luxury and produce assorted milk Rob and Dave use the milk to good effect when they bake a batch of pancakes, but who will bring their ‘A’ game in a turnaround competition? Also in the episode, the brothers bid an affectionate farewell to County horse Will, who is moving to new pasture, and an urgent visit to the vet is needed to treat Bear the Ram, who has a bad headache?

Britain’s hairiest dogs get a makeover in search of Britain’s best dog groomer Hosted by Sheridan Smith

Pooch Perfect (BBC1, 8 p.m.)
With its black eyes and fluffy white coat, the bichon frize almost looks like a child’s toy and it’s up to the last group of quarter finalists to turn super playful but scruffy bichons into beautifully shaped white clouds The groomers’ complete canine knowledge is examined under a magnifying glass as they attempt to identify the two parents of a crossbreed Finally, competitors seek inspiration from around the world by trimming their dogs’ coats to create a tribute to a place close to their hearts.

Boxing champion Chris Eubank to feature in upcoming episode of Piers Morgan’s Life Stories

Piers Morgan Life Stories (ITV, 9 p.m.)
Piers Morgan has never been the type to pull his punches and the GMB host isn’t about to change that tonight, despite sitting next to one of the most talked about boxers of his generation Piers’ guest is Chris Eubank and like everyone featured in this chat he has led an extraordinary life.In addition to his many world title fights, Chris remembers his involvement in a car crash who saw a man die, how he became Lord of the Manor of Brighton, his relationship with Nelson Mandela and Muhammad Ali, his passion for his truck, his jeeps and motorcycles, and his legendary sartorial elegance and extravagance He also describes his reaction to Michael Watson’s horrific injuries sustained in their infamous 1992 fight, his divorce, his pride in his son Chris Jr.’s boxing career and his current views on the ‘cup game’ he previously made a living from

Ralf Little as a British detective who joins the police on the Caribbean island of St. Mary

Death in Paradise (BBC1, 9 p.m.)
Although Ralf Little has not made any official comment on his intention to leave this murder mystery drama, it has been speculated that when he does, he will be replaced in the lead by a female detective. Little’s arrival on the show initially divided viewers, but he seems to have finally won them over during what has been a good run.The 10th series ends tonight, with a man confessing to the murder of his boss, even though he’s unable to remember what happened Convinced that things aren’t as simple as they seem, Neville decides to find out the truth – and find the real killer

Dr Jack and M Nicholson (Sky Arts, 10 p.m.)
With over 60 film credits to his name and having worked with many of the best directors, from Roman Polanski to Stanley Kubrick, Michelangelo Antonioni to Martin Scorsese, Jack Nicholson has helped redefine the notion of actor and reshape the American cinematic landscape. Insensitive to critical approval, controversy or convention, Nicholson remains the most elusive of American actors.This documentary takes a look at the career of the actor, who rose to fame in Easy Rider and won Oscars for his roles in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, Terms of Endearment and As Good as It Gets

Return (C4, 10 p.m.)
No More Fun Family Complications at John Barleycorn With Andrew’s help, Alison’s parents made a huge decision in life, which left Alison shocked and angry.Moreover, much to Stephen’s obvious dismay, Ellen and Julian announce engagement, as Geoff’s new relationship falls apart dramatically To complicate matters further, Cass reveals she was in love with Geoff’s now ex-partner And when Alison suspects the disappearance of a loved one is probably Andrew’s responsibility, she and Stephen hatch a potentially deadly plan

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