Ebene News – GB – Christine McGuinness recalls her autistic son being ‘petrified’ by a stranger

Christine McGuinness discussed how the lockdown affected her three autistic children, recalling a recent incident when her son became’ petrified ‘when a stranger approached him at a gas station

Christine, 32, shares three children with comedian Paddy McGuinness, 47, whom she has been married to since 2011

The couple are set to release an upcoming BBC documentary about their family life titled Autism and Our Family, welcoming viewers to their home with seven-year-old twins Penelope and four-year-old Leo and Felicity

On Thursday, Christine appeared on Loose Women where she spoke to the panel about the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on her children’s confidence in socialization

The Real Housewives of Cheshire star said that she and her husband had “spent years and years encouraging our children” because “it doesn’t come naturally to them, to go socialize, to go out in lively places ”

Explaining that “busy places and new places like play centers” can be “pretty scary” for her children, she said that she and Paddy are “going to have to” really need to regain confidence as anxiety is mounting. through the roof ”

Christine shared a recent anecdote, when she took her son to a gas station with her and he panicked to be around other people

“For example, I pulled up to the gas station, took my son with me, and someone walked by and he literally threw himself behind that person because he was so petrified by someone walking close to him It’s sad that this is the reality today, ”she said

She said she “spent years taking speech therapy classes with the kids and I still do, but they have all taken a backseat with their speech and communication skills”

“My daughter, Felicity, developed a stutter on the first lockdown, which was never there before. It was every word so it was pretty bad,” Christine said

“She’s still in speech therapy to get help with this, it’s a little better now that she’s returned to nursery. But these are issues that certainly wouldn’t have entered our lives without the global pandemic “

Christine added that she doesn’t think homeschooling is ‘designed for children with extra needs’, so she and Paddy are trying to get their kids back to school full time , because they receive individual support when they are in school

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Ebene News – GB – Christine McGuinness remembers her autistic son was ‘petrified’ by a stranger

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