Ebene News – GB – Christine McGuinness says lockdown has been ‘extremely difficult’

Former Miss Liverpool said her three autistic children have regressed with their speech and social skills

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Christine McGuinness revealed she found the lockdown “extremely difficult” as her three children with autism tried to cope with many changes

Christine, 32, appeared on Loose Women to talk about how she and her husband Paddy coped with confinement with children with additional needs

Former Miss Liverpool said it was a ‘roller coaster’ and her twins Leo and Penelope and daughter Felicity had dramatically regressed with their speaking and communication skills

Christine, from Halewood, said: “At first it was extremely difficult our kids struggling with change anyway and they had all these differences thrown at them, they couldn’t see their family or go to. school, it was extremely difficult for them to change overnight

“Then in the summer they started to get used to it and they are the same now, they think it’s okay to stay now and they never ask to go out

“It took us years to get them out of play centers and into high traffic places and now it’s like it doesn’t exist anymore

“I think we really need to build their confidence when this is all over

“I took Leo to a gas station with me the other day and he threw himself back because someone was walking past us

“The lockdown affected their speech and they regressed a lot, they came back with speech and communication difficulties

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But Christine said it wasn’t all bad and there were “magic moments”

She said: “It was lovely spending time together as a family, which we never would have had before

“They used to have Paddy outside, but now dad is back to work, it will be a big change for them

Christine confirmed that they struggled to home school the children as they struggled to sit in front of a screen

Christine said: “Home schooling is not designed for children with additional needs, we can handle physical education and art, but it is just not normal that they be seated in front of a screen

“We try to get them back to school full time as they have individual support so they can go back to school

She said: “I love life and this is from my mom, she is such a positive person, she has aggressive cancer that could come back anywhere in her body

“She has six months of chemo and she’s had five now, thank goodness my brother lives at home because she does this when she should have family and friends around her, this is where I get my strength from my mother “

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Ebene News – GB – Christine McGuinness says lockdown has been “extremely difficult”

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