Ebene News – GB – Covid: Putting children first after pandemic, says Anne Longfield

Vulnerable children must be at the heart of government plans to’ build back better ‘after pandemic, UK children’s commissioner said

Anne Longfield calls on Boris Johnson to put children “at the center” of plans to “improve” the nation

In a final speech after six years in the role, she accuses the Treasury of bias against children

A spokesperson added: “This is why we have enabled the most vulnerable children to continue to attend school in person, while providing laptops, devices and data packages to those in need. learning at home and ensuring that the most disadvantaged children are nourished and warm”

It comes after warnings that children are “perhaps losing all hope for their future” and, as polls suggest young people’s mental health is deteriorating, in part due to the fallout from Covid-19

In her speech, she reveals how many “” government decision-makers “seem to view [children] as distant concepts or data points on an annual report”

“This is how kids get through the gaps – because too often the people in charge of the systems they need just don’t see them and try to figure out their world,” she adds.

She describes the £ 1billion Pupils Catch-up Fund as evidence of the Treasury’s ‘institutional bias against children’ in relation to the £ 350bn in lost revenue that could result from the closure of ‘schools

Mrs. Longfield will warn that Mr. Johnson to ‘level’ the country will be ‘just a slogan’ unless children are at the heart of the effort

Calling for a new ‘Covid convention’ to support education and well-being in every community, she will also say that school holidays should be used to catch up with children with lost lessons

Mrs. Longfield will ask M Johnson to “get excited” to make sure that we don’t “define the kids by what happened in this year”, but rather define ourselves by what we offer them

She also says it is a “national scandal” that nearly a fifth of children in England leave school or university without basic qualifications

And highlighting the case of a 16-year-old girl who died after being coerced into drug trafficking, she says children exploited by gangs are abandoned by adults who “just don’t see them”

A government spokesperson said his long-term catching-up plans would combine with an investment of more than £ 1bn to “ensure we make up for the time lost in education during this legislature “

He added: “Anne Longfield has always been a tireless advocate for children, and we are grateful for her dedication and challenge in areas where we can continue to raise the bar for the most vulnerable.”

Dame Rachel de Souza, former managing director of a multi-academy trust, will take over as new children’s commissioner for England in March

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Children’s Commissioner for England, Anne Longfield, Boris Johnson

Ebene News – GB – Covid: Putting children first after pandemic, says Anne Longfield

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