Ebene News – GB – Darts – That Darts World Cup – puts the day on the line

London (AP) – Corona Anarchy in Great Britain And in the midst of it all, the darts are being played again

On the first day of Christmas (1 p.m. and 7 p.m. / Sport1 and DAZN) eight more matches are scheduled.After Monday’s German duel, a famous former champion competes this time – and a Dutchman who wants to make the eggplant more and more most famous

It’s the duality of the second round Former world champion Rob Cross from England will meet Dutch shooting star Dirk van Duijenbod (9pm) When it comes to success and rankings, the crossover ‘Voltage’ is the favorite But van Duijenbod, who works on an Anbargin farm and recently brought eggplants to the stage, is in great shape and considered a very dangerous outsider

Double world champion Adrian Lewis has been playing under his hopes for a long time Tuesday (4 p.m.), he must at least beat American dad Baggisch to reach the third round

Paul Lim is 66 – and would love to play other games In a duel with Belgian debutant Dimitri van den Berg (11pm), the ‘Singapore Slinger’ is a dashing underdog He was like that in a round against Luke Humphries Van den Berg and Humphries may both be Lim’s grandchildren by age

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Ebene News – GB – Darts – This World Darts Cup – puts the day on the line

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