Ebene News – GB – Dr Zoe Williams shows how to check BMI amid link between risk of Covid-19 and obesity

This morning’s Dr Zoe Williams showed how people can get a rough idea of ​​their BMI using a simple household article, amid the link between obesity and an increased risk of dying from Covid-19

On today’s show with Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford, Dr Zoe explained that if people have a BMI (body mass index) above 35, they have an increased risk of dying of 40 % if they contract coronavirus

The doctor added that if members of the public have a BMI over 40, which she says are considered to have “severe obesity,” then they have an approximately 90% increased risk of dying from the virus.

“ So it is very important that people who fall into this category and who are now eligible in group six to get vaccinated have their vaccine, ” she said, with the government stipulating that people of priority group six include adults aged 16 to 16 65 who are more at risk

Dr Zoe explained that while BMI is not a “ perfect measure ” of a person’s health, it is a useful “ screening test ” because people with a high BMI “ carry excess body fat to dangerous areas, which are inside and around the organs’

“ If you carry excess body fat through the liver, kidneys, heart, it affects the ability of these organs to function properly, ” she said, adding that if a person has a BMI over 40, this can impact their lung capacity, which could lead to a greater struggle if they catch Covid-19

I’ll be on @thismorning today with @ruthlangsford & @eamonnholmes on why knowing your BMI has never been so important… No Blame, No Stigma, It’s Not About Weight Loss It’s about “knowledge is power” # obesityisnotachoice picTwittercom / S8uPwTjyVv

Dr Zoe pointed out that while doctors can tell if their patients have a high BMI because they might have other health issues such as diabetes or kidney problems, there are many people who may not. not know what their BMI is

While they can calculate their BMI on the NHS website by entering their height and weight, if people are unsure of their measurements they can use a long piece of string to check if they can enter the category of obesity

Demonstrating the technique to Eamonn and Ruth, Dr. Zoe took a long piece of string, which she used to measure from her head to the tips of her toes

She then took the piece of string and folded it in half, before wrapping it around her body

The healthcare professional explained that if the two ends of the string meet when wrapped around the waist, “the chances of you being obese are lower”

“But if you don’t, then it’s definitely worth getting some scales, checking your weight, checking your height to see if you have a high BMI,” she said. declared

Dr Zoe urged people with a BMI over 40 to seek help from their GP

This morning guest still has his Christmas tree and swears to keep it all year round

She added that losing weight isn’t necessarily the solution for everyone, as BMI doesn’t measure other factors in people’s lives, such as their diet, sleep cycle and their level of activity

The doctor also pointed out that obesity was “not a choice”, saying on Twitter: “No blame, no stigma, it’s not about weight loss It’s about” knowledge is power ””

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Ebene News – GB – Dr Zoe Williams shows how to check BMI amid Covid-19 risk and link obesity

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