Ebene News – GB – EastEnders’ Stacey vows revenge on rival Ruby after learning devastating twist

EastEnders’ Stacey Slater was in ex-girlfriend Ruby Allen’s shoes, as two shocking truths were revealed – a third threatening to be revealed

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EastEnders’ Stacey Slater was devastated to learn what her romantic rival Ruby Allen, her former best friend, had really been up to over the past few months

Stacey returned to Walford to learn that Ruby had started a romance with her ex-husband Martin Fowler

Still in love with him, the father of her children, she was furious and emptied of her betrayal

But the last episode did nothing to cure matters, when Stacey made a shocking discovery – followed by another major bombshell that left her wanting revenge

Kush Kazemi told him that Ruby knew the truth about Martin’s recent stroke, when he was punched in the head and left for dead

Ruby was involved in a robbery gone awry that led to the attack, and also knew who had done it, but he remained silent

Kush decided to talk to Stacey about this, not knowing what Ruby was capable of, especially after trying to pay him to leave Walford with his son Arthur and Stacey’s recently

The incident left Kush homeless and at war with Stacey and her family, before they finally returned – not realizing Ruby was behind it all

Knowing that Kush had a gambling problem and was facing jail for questionable work, she offered him a lot of money in exchange for her escape with Arthur – hoping that would make Martin want a child. with her

Everything turned on him, and Thursday Kush finally told Stacey the truth, leaving her boiling with rage and wanting to bring her down

Assuming that Ruby might also be lying about her pregnancy, Stacey vowed to expose her for all her crimes to Martin and everyone else as a reward.

There seems to be a twist in the way because despite lying about her pregnancy, Ruby learns that she is 7 weeks pregnant next week

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Ebene News – EN – EastEnders’ Stacey vows revenge on her rival Ruby after learning of a devastating twist

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