Ebene News – GB – Emmerdale broadcasts devastating Noah twist as Mackenzie takes revenge on charity

Noah Dingle of Emmerdale paid the price for his mother Charity’s criminal activities, thanks to newcomer Mackenzie

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Emmerdale aired shocking scenes on New Years Eve, as Noah Dingle caught in the crossfire of Mackenzie’s revenge

Moira Dingle’s brother Mack worked with Kim Tate behind the back of Noah’s mother Charity Dingle, which he confessed to her during the hour-long special

The two had hidden stolen goods and, in Thursday’s episode, they planned to rob Home Farm

Charity was confronted by Cain Dingle during the shot, before blackmailing her into installing Mackenzie amid their growing feud

This backfired when Mackenzie quickly realized she was up to something and planned her revenge, wanting to place her with the police instead

As Noah and his brother Ryan waited at the Charity pub, which was due to attend Ryan’s birthday meal, Mackenzie showed up after locking Charity into the house

Realizing something was wrong, hearing Mack on the phone with Kim, Noah went to pick up his mother at Home Farm

Finding her drunk in a room, he begged her to leave with him before the police arrived, forcing them to flee the scene

Unfortunately for them, the police caught up with them while they were running, but only Noah got caught in front of Cain and Aaron while Charity was hiding in a bush

Noah was blamed, however, when the cop rushed over and accused him of being the thief – after Mackenzie made an anonymous tip claiming there had been a break-in

As Cain and Aaron watched, Noah claimed that it was only him and that no one else was involved, which led to him being taken into the car

Aaron and Cain knew the truth, especially since they had been to the pub with Noah earlier

As Noah was taken away, Charity watched in horror as her son covered up for his crime – risking his future

But is she really going to step back and allow that to happen, and will Mackenzie regret her decision?

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Ebene News – EN – Emmerdale broadcasts a devastating Noah twist as Mackenzie takes revenge on Charity

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