Ebene News – GB – Emmerdale’s Charley Webb reveals she was rushed to hospital

Posted: 19:31 GMT, February 18, 2021 | Update: 21:01 GMT, February 18, 2021

Emmerdale star Charley Webb revealed to fans that she was due to go to hospital last week for tests after experiencing pain in the breast

Debbie Dingle, 32, took to Instagram on Wednesday to detail what had happened, explaining that she had ‘postponed’ seeing a doctor due to her concerns over the coronavirus crisis, as she urged her fans not to do the same

She explained, ‘I went to the doctor last week because I had this pain in my breasts which I know is really personal but wanted to talk about it because I am putting it off until later

Honest: Emmerdale star Charley Webb revealed on Wednesday that she went to hospital for tests after experiencing breast pain, and urged fans not to delay the consultation with a doctor like she did

‘I postponed and postponed it because I was so worried about going about it with anything right now, with everything that is going on’

She continued, “ I just hope no one feels like this and if there is something that is worrying you you should go and get it checked out because there are other issues in the world, not just the pandemic

‘There’s other stuff and it’s ok I’m really glad I did The hospital died She said they only saw people if they really needed it And because I had to to be examined, she had to see me ‘

On Thursday, Charley reassured her fans that her tests were back to normal and nothing was wrong with her, and she thanked them for their support

Tip: Despite her initial worries about being seen by a doctor in the midst of the coronavirus crisis, she said: ‘If there is anything that worries you, you should go get it checked out’

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Reassuring: Speaking of taking the tests, Charley told her fans: ‘I’m so glad I did The hospital is dead She said they only see people if they really needed

The actress detailed, “ Nothing to report, just wanted to say I’m so glad I posted this story yesterday

‘Can’t tell you how many people texted me yesterday, male and female, young and old, basically saying they were feeling the same and were delaying getting things checked out and now they are no longer

‘So, I feel like even though it feels really personal to me, I was like’ am I sharing this? ‘ Sometimes it is uncomfortable to talk about personal things, but this is also very important too ‘

Grateful: Charley reassured her fans that her tests were back to normal and that everything was fine with her, and she thanked them for their support

Glad to help others, she added: ‘I feel like my job is done because people are going to be vetted so if it helps a person I feel good

‘And also I love everyone, so many lovely posts, I think I confused people because my results were good, knock on wood, but my Instagram family just love’

Earlier this month, Charley revealed that she and her husband Matthew Wolfenden, 40, are ‘not the most romantic couple’ after 15 years together, but said they were over in a relationship now that they were parents

Honest: Earlier this month, Charley revealed that she and husband Matthew Wolfenden, 40, are ‘not the most romantic couple’ after 15 years together (pictured in February 2020)

His words came after he admitted they had been rowing due to the stress of the lockdown just like any other couple

Charley, who plays Debbie Dingle on the ITV soap opera, said she and Matt were a ‘team’ but claimed they weren’t very romantic

She said: ‘We’ve been together for 15 years and we’re a team and a partnership If Matthew bought me something, I’d be like,’ What have you done? ‘ We are not the most romantic couple ‘

Family: Charley and Matt have three sons together, Buster, 10, Bowie, 5 and Ace, 17 months old, and say they make a ‘team’ but aren’t so romantic after 15 years together

During the UK’s third national lockdown, Matthew admitted the couple had an argument, saying it was ‘difficult’ to be stuck at home all day

According to The Sun, he said: ‘It’s tough and we had a fight. You have to argue when you are stuck in a 24/7 house with three kids and they are playing

Charley and Matt, who plays David Metcalfe on the soap opera, have three sons together, Buster, 10, Bowie, 5, and Ace, 17 months

“It’s absolute chaos!” The Emmerdale actress revealed she struggled to house school her boys during the lockdown, while Matt previously said they rowed home

The soap opera star frankly said, ‘Well the homeschool thing that I find so stressful, honestly I’m not going to lie And my kids are pretty wild too’

Of the grueling experience, the media personality – who was joined by her toddler Ace from home – added: ‘Three boys locked out I mean, it’s chaos, the absolute chaos They are not like those quiet little boys who will sit and play with the trains’

The actress also added that she tries to “ distance herself ” from current affairs and only tune in to the news for “ really important things ”

She told panelists Jane Moore, Brenda Edwards, Gloria Hunniford and Janet Street-Porter: “I don’t watch the news at all Obviously I watch the really important stuff

“But anything that’s not going to add to my day, I don’t watch it because it blows my roof up

‘I just have to shut up Because obviously I have three kids at home You don’t have time to deal with anxiety like you normally would when they are in school So I just have to m ‘stop’

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Ebene News – GB – Emmerdale’s Charley Webb reveals she was rushed to the hospital

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