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Facebook plays tough role in Australia, Epic Games expands war on Apple and New York lawyer sues Amazon This is the Daily Crunch of February 17, 2021

In response to a bill that requires internet platforms to pay news publishers directly, Facebook today announced that Australian users will not be able to share or view news links

In its article, Facebook drew in direct contradiction to the other big company targeted by the law, William Easton, managing director of Facebook Australia and New Zealand, writing: “Google search is inseparable from the news and publishers do not provide their content voluntarily.On the other hand, publishers readily choose to post the news on Facebook, as this allows them to sell more subscriptions, increase their audience and increase their advertising revenue “

Epic Games is leading the battle for Apple’s App Store in Europe – Fortnite maker lodges complaint with bloc’s antitrust regulators

New York AG sues Amazon for treatment of warehouse workers – Lawsuit alleges Amazon failed to provide adequate health and safety measures at two New York facilities, and illegally sanctioned and fired employees who complained

Google Maps users can now pay their parking or transportation costs directly from the app – this is part of an expanded partnership with transportation software companies Passport and ParkMobile

Locus Robotics Raised $ 150 Million From Series E – Tower Estimates The Robotics Company’s Value At $ 1 Billion

SpaceX is said to be raising $ 850 million in new money – that’s a huge round by most criteria, but not by SpaceX

Jet co-founder Nate Faust is building a more sustainable e-commerce experience with Olive – Faust said it was “crazy” that 25 years after starting the e-commerce industry, he still relies on “one-way packaging”

Dear Sophie: Tips for Creating a Green Card for My Future Wife – The Latest Edition of “Dear Sophie,” the advice column that answers immigration questions on work for tech companies

As software markets grow, are more enterprising investors betting on competing startups? Back in the days when indoor rides were bad, PSPC was a joke and cryptocurrency a feverish dream, there was a lot of hype around investors refusing to place competing bets in any given startup market.

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Jamaica’s immigration website has revealed thousands of traveler data – immigration documents and COVID-19 lab results have not been protected

Reducing the Spread of Disinformation on Social Media: What Would a Sloppy Case Look Like? Ideas from the Irrational Labs team

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Ebene News – UK – Facebook to stop sharing news in Australia – TechCrunch – Fior Reports

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