Ebene News – GB – Fans delighted that Chris Eubank is ‘shutting down’ Piers Morgan in ‘awkward’ interview

Chris Eubank has been touched verbally with Good Morning Britain host Piers Morgan on several occasions during the intense conversation about the former boxer’s life and career

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Viewers who listened to Piers Morgan’s life stories on Thursday night were certainly impressed with how Chris Eubank approached some of the questions he was asked

Piers didn’t hesitate to discuss Chris’ past antics, including shoplifting, bankruptcy, and allegedly cheating on his first wife

In a particularly awkward moment, Piers spoke of Chris’ childhood and claimed that his father was “violent”

However, Chris didn’t like the word ‘violent’ being used and challenged the presenter to say that his father ‘taking off his belt’ could be considered violence today, but he saw it as’ lead ”

The former boxer argued that without discipline “these young people would become threats to themselves no matter what society”, before Piers, unwilling to keep the conversation going, tried to get to the question next

But Chris had none of that and bluntly asked the Good Morning Britain host, “May I ask you if you just cut me off on purpose?”

Elsewhere in the interview, they hit their heads again when Piers tried to convince Chris to reveal the car he was driving

“I’m not trying to be a tabloid,” said Piers, who has been accused by Chris of “going back to your early days in journalism”

“No I’m asking you for factual information and it seems to me that what you are doing is, for some reason, a little embarrassed to show or talk about the excess that was going on,” replied Piers

“I’m not embarrassed, I’m a gentleman I never want to entertain in such a way that I pay the price,” explained Chris, and as Piers tried to intervene with a follow-up question, Chris angrily cracked: “No sorry, let me finish”

Chris also became on the defensive when Piers asked about the rumors surrounding his marriage to his first wife and the fact that he had apparently been unfaithful

When Piers asked him directly if it was true, Chris simply replied: “I always went home to my wife”

Viewers who tune in at home were loving and took to Twitter to express their joy

“Chris Eubank shows how you can dictate an interview with Piers Morgan He doesn’t give much very calculated,” one person tweeted

Another added: “I hate Moron with a passion, but I can digest it because it’s not so garish Chris Eubank has also closed it on numerous occasions, so it’s worth a watch! “

Other viewers were in tears after watching an exchange between Chris and former boxer Michael Watson, who was sitting in the audience

Chris, 54, got emotional when he opened up about the injury he inflicted on Michael in a fight in 1991, but Michael told him, “It’s okay bruv, let’s move on. thing in life Peace and love is a thing of the past “

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Ebene News – GB – Fans are delighted that Chris Eubank is “shutting down” Piers Morgan in an interview ” clumsy ”

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