Ebene News – GB – Fantasy Basketball: What is the value on the rise or the fall after the start of the NBA 2020-21 season?

We have made it through the first week of the NBA season, but as with other professional sports leagues, it was not without some disruption caused by COVID-19 As we review all the performances individual players, here is a first stock report on the current situation of some fantasy basketball players

Depth may be a team’s best friend in real basketball, but that’s not usually the case in fantasy basketball The Nets entered this season with Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving in good shape. Health and most of their major contributors from last season still in the fold That meant a potential drop in production came from LeVert, who was second on the team last season with a 29% utilization rate of 5%

Irving and Durant were as advertised at the start, but the Nets have already suffered a heavy blow to their roster with Spencer Dinwiddie (knee) lost for the season That should give LeVert more playing time, who has already recorded at least 25 minutes in three of the four games Add in a few more shot attempts and while LeVert is still expected to see his use rate drop from last season, he could still be a valuable fantastic asset.

After being selected with the 29th pick in the 2019 NBA Draft, we didn’t see much of Johnson during his rookie season.He only averaged 18 minutes a night, which left him with an average of 91 points and 34 rebounds However, there were encouraging signs that he could be a fantastic value option when extended, given that he averaged 08 steals and 08 three points despite his limited minutes

The Spurs decided to remove the children’s gloves early this season, bringing Johnson into their starting five He didn’t disappoint them, averaging 14 points, 83 rebounds, 27 assists, a block and a three-pointer through three games The key statistic is that he recorded at least 28 minutes in all three contests As long as he continues to receive around that number of minutes, he could end up being one of the best additions early waiver thread that pays off enormously during the season

The Grizzlies entered the season shorthanded with Jaren Jackson Jr (knee) sidelined Brandon Clarke was also slowed down by an injury at training camp which further bolstered the playing time d ‘Anderson After just 20 minutes per game on average last season, he has recorded at least 29 minutes in all three games this season. The end result was high averages of 183 points, 103 rebounds, two assists and 23 three points

It is highly unlikely that Anderson will be able to continue producing at this rate throughout the season.However, playing time should continue to be readily available to him with Jackson still sidelined and Ja Morant (ankle ) now absent for three to five weeks Anderson is far from a traditional playmaker, but he is expected to spend more time on the ball over the next month – especially with DeAnthony Melton (COVID protocols) still unavailable

Garland showed promise in his rookie season, but he clearly had several areas in which he needed to improve Despite averaging 31 minutes per night, the point guard averaged just 39 assists He also shot a gruesome 401 percent from the field Combine that with poor defensive stats and his fantastic appeal for this season seemed somewhat limited

The Cavaliers have expanded his role out of the gate, playing him an average of 36 minutes per night He was helped by a game against the Pistons that went into overtime, but his playing time is clearly moving in a fantastic direction He’s proven to be a better facilitator on offense, with at least six assists in all four games.On top of that he’s shooting 483 percent from the field and averaging 18 interceptions He could end up being one of the best bargains of draft day if these trends continue, although it seems likely that his field goal percentage will decline, at least somewhat, as the season progresses

Aldridge might not be a sexy fancy option, but that doesn’t mean he hasn’t been useful.Even in a low season last year by his standards, he was still 18 Aged 9 points, 74 rebounds, 24 assists, 16 blocks and 12 three points With Spurs not making any significant moves during the offseason, Aldridge was once again to be one of the team’s main focal points

Aldridge stormed out the door with 20 points in the season opener against the Grizzlies, but he scored 16 points in their last two games In their last fight against the Pelicans, he produced just four points on seven shot attempts in 20 minutes.The veteran struggles with a knee problem entering Thursday’s contest, so that’s something that worth watching That said, this could be a great opportunity to trade for Aldridge at a discount.His risk of injury increases as he ages, but Aldridge has been remarkably consistent since joining Spurs, so there’s a good chance that this first week was just a hit on the radar

Of all the slow starters, Covington is among the most concerning He went from an ideal situation in Houston where he was able to shoot a ton of threes and engulf rebounds and blocks in small ball lineups. Now part of a loaded starting five with size Blazers in Jusuf Nurkic and powerful scorers in Damian Lillard and CJ McCollum, Covington’s production has plummeted

The good news is that Covington still delivers strong defensive stats with six interceptions and two blocks in three games. The bad news is that he registered a paltry 10 2% use rate To make matters worse, he’s just 1 for 13 behind the arc He will improve in this department, but his lack of attempts to shooting could be a problem that plagues him all season long

Those who drafted Lopez mostly did it for blocks and three points As he improved his game behind the arc in recent years, his rebound numbers have plummeted His playing time has also declined, earning him an average of 27 minutes per game last season.

Lopez has seen his playing time decrease even more this season, registering 21 minutes or less in three out of four games.However, it should be noted that these three contests were uneven results.However, this could be a fairly common occurrence for the Bucks this season given their busy roster With averages of 88 points, 28 rebounds, 13 blocks and 10 three-pointers out of the gate, Lopez has been a significant disappointment His lack of rebound from center position makes him more painful when he does not accumulate blocks and three

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Ebene News – GB – Fantasy Basketball: Who’s value is up or down after the start of the 2020-21 NBA season?

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